Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Month Flies By

More Family Fun
If you click on the photo above you will go to my web album. I've uploaded a few fun photos of the kids. The gals in bed with their daddy are having some fun. I just loved their matching pjs! Ellie turned 19 months this week. She continues to be quite entertaining. We are really enjoying her.

Things around the house continue to stay busy. We have had lots of fun together. A few weeks ago Catherine Jo won second place in her first horse show. I was one proud momma. My third child is really coming into her own. It is fun to watch her blossom. She has gone from being the baby for 7 years to being a big sister to two and is doing really well at it. I don't have a photo of Matt in his Target uniform(go figure), but the boy does me proud working his not so fun job and staying on top of school at the same time. It is not easy sometimes, but we are doing pretty well around here.
We celebrated Davie's "i gotcha day" this past Saturday. David built a pit in the backyard for a campfire and we roasted marshmellows for smores. She thought it was the neatest thing. After the smores and baths we watched her gotcha day video. Oh my, was she cute! She was such a happy little baby from the very beginning. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Sarah was home for 5 days and we had some fun with her. We celebrated on Thanksgiving day with family and then spent time on Saturday with friends reflecting on our blessings of the year. I have so much to be thankful for. Not only do I have wonderful kids, but David is such a wonderful partner to me. This is my team and I'm grateful that so far they haven't voted me off the island.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How You Live

Well, I couldn't get this to work, but it was Sarah to the rescue and so now you can share in the joy of my new favorite song. I JUST LOVE IT!!! Enjoy :) (If you decide to listen to the video you have to go down and pause my programed music selection) love, Jackie Sue (I only wish you could hear Davie singing along...we may have to arrange that while Sarah is home for Thanksgiving...only a week now!!! Yipee...doing the happy dance!)
P.S. I've listened to this song over and over....and the more I've listened to it the more it is a prayer for my children(especially the part about visiting the folks more than on the holidays :) just kidding, but really an exhortation and dream for them to live life to the fullest and keep the main thing the main thing,( to quote my favorite Coach).