Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh the grief

Lord Jesus, It is by faith that we watch to see you turn the Chapman family's mourning into dancing. Things like the loss of a precious little girl are just too much for me to take and so I just weep. I weep knowing that You call us to mourn with those who mourn and so today I feel the grief with this family who has done so much for me in my personal walk with You. Their lives and especially Steven's music has kept me on the path to You for so many years. They are people I look forward to spending eternity with. I celebrate that Maria has had a family here on this earth by Your great mercy who loved and adored her. I celebrate that they will be united again in Your very presence. You are gracious beyond all comprehension and I ask You to comfort Will in a way that only You can. I ask You to bind satan and his lies from the heart of this young man. Please protect him and do not let the evil one steal him away from the future You have planned for him. Jesus, may I take each moment that You give me to love those You have placed in my life. Thank You that You hold Maria in Your arms today and that she is Home. Oh sweet Jesus, the comfort that brings to this momma's heart. Thank You so much for the hope of Heaven. I pray that the enemy would have no power in this family as they grieve. I pray that they will hold together for Your glory and that the enemy will have nothing to taunt You with in this situation. Comfort Maria's momma and daddy like only You can. Thank You for Who You are and all You are doing even now on their behalf. Hold this family close Jesus and may they run to You with every ounce of their grief. Protect their hearts from bitterness and endless questions of "what if". Precious Lord, I love You and trust You with all those I hold dear. You are good. Always always and forever. amen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Matt Graduated!

We had a great weekend celebrating Matthew's graduation from highschool. It was a fun and meaningful time for Matt and us. Thank you so much to all who joined in our celebration and well wishes for this boy of ours who is quickly becoming a man. We are so proud of him and grateful to God for the priviledge of raising this boy and all He has done in our lives through this process. Matt, I am so glad to be through highschool with you and look forward to the future with you, my son, my busterbrown boy and fellow traveler in this journey toward Home. I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Blessings That Make Me a Momma

(the photos of the girls in their traditional Chinese dresses were their birthday photos...D is 5 and E is 2. The photo of the whole gang was taken back in January. Quite a beautiful group, don't cha think? Course I'm a tad bit prejudice :-) )

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

My time with Louise was priceless and oh so tiring, but I believe I have finally recovered. Life here on the home front is nothing if not busy. This is such a happening place don't cha know. Ellie turned 2, Catherine had a slumber party for her birthday, we finished our 2nd post placement interview and are officially done with visits from social workers whom we've never met before who have to make a quick but thorough assessment of our family, ballet recitals and mother's day this week, Matt turns 18 and then he graduates and then we have an open house to honor him and celebrate God's faithfulness that we have survived all that parenting a teenage boy involves thus far. Then Catherine finishes school and Eddie and I head to WYOMING for our 25th wedding anniversary trip. After that we are heading to TN for a reunion with our Fuzhou travel group...can't wait to see all the families...see, I told you life's busy. What's going on in your neck of the woods??? Hope you are able to celebrate Jesus in the midst of all you are experiencing, because He loves you so much. His, jackie sue (I will post photos in a few days...ok weeks...but sometime)