Monday, April 27, 2009

A Daddy's Love

I had a couple of thoughts while on vacation that I wanted to share. They came when we were hiking at Deep Creek. We took a break so the girls could stop and hang their feet in the cold stream. As we were hanging out someone, probably Catherine, asked her dad if he could skip rocks across the creek. We began to look for flat rocks for him to use. While I was watching David with the little girls it hit me anew all that God had given them in their earthly father along with all they would have missed if He had not chosen us for eachother. Most of the time I don't think about this kind of stuff. They are just our girls and that's that, but sometimes it comes over me in a goosebump kind of way that He has big plans for them. I watched David with them on vacation and saw again that there are some things only a dad can do. I couldn't skip rocks for the life of me and his ease at doing these kinds of things amazes me. By the end of every hike he was carrying at least one of them. No way I could carry them up or down a hike. David is tireless with them in these type of settings. He is a wonderful and patient daddy. As I watched them, I noticed the girls and their absolute faith that their daddy can do anything. At their age, he really can. If I remember right there is something in God's word about "coming to Him as a little child" and I saw again that the feelings my girls feel for their earthly daddy is the feeling we all need to have for our Heavenly One. We need to trust completely that He can do anything. We need to watch Him in all His wonder and wait for Him to wow us with His strength and love and power. I know that our girls will someday figure out that their earthly daddy is just human, but by then I hope and pray that they have transferred their absolute trust and confidence into their Heavenly One.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Years Ago Today

On April 2, 2007 they placed Eliana Joy Lin in our arms. If you know her you know how well she fits with our family. We are on vacation right now and she has enjoyed her 'gotcha day'. We had lunch with a precious friend, my mentor, Jo and we bought the little girls "webkins" in honor of the day. Here are some photos just to travel down memory lane...

This is our Gotcha Day, April 2, 2007...I was one happy momma! It had been quite the journey to get this little one and I was pausing to give the good Lord thanks...

This is Eliana Joy Lin on her 1st birthday...she was home and our girl for good.
This is Ellie just one year after being home...what a difference a year and a family can make.
This is the whole gang in November 2007. It was our Christmas Photo.
This is Ellie's 2nd Birthday photo...all smiles
This is just a week ago...won't she be a lovely flower girl...
This is Ellie on the potty. We have been potty training for a while now. It is so funny that she holds her nose while she poops...I just had to take a picture. She's gonna love this one in her wedding day slide show :)
Here we are on vacation this week. We hiked to see some water falls. The little girls loved it. I will show more vacation photos later.
Ellie and her daddy had some great bonding time this week. I'll tell more about that later, too.
Precious Lord, Thank You for seeing fit to bless us with Eliana Joy Lin. She has added so much to our family and we would certainly not have been complete without her. Glory to Your name for all You have done. We stand amazed. Thank You, thank You, thank You for this little girl! Use her for Your glory all the days of her life. She belongs to You. We love You. amen.