Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ramblings and Happenings

It's been a while....I wish I could say that it has been super busy, which it has, but the truth is that I've been going through some things and I sometimes need some time to process them. Still don't think I can actually write about them. Not because they are too personal to write about, but because I don't know if I can put them into words.

I can tell you that I tend to get very focused on one thing at a time and right now I am trying to learn to coupon and do the CVS bucks. The other day the most exciting thing happened...I saved more money at my grocery store than I spent. It was the coolest thing. When we put Davie in school I knew that I was going to need to save some money somehow, but I wasn't sure how I was going to do that. I am not great with numbers I decided it was time to get with the program and figure this thing out. Well thanks to my friends, Jessica and Cassie I am finding success. It is no small feat to change something that goes against one's natural self and so it is God's supernatural power at work in my life for sure.

I have also been tending to some caterpillars. I found 4 of them on my newest milkweed and decided to try to bring them in and watch them and feed them. So I daily go out and collect milkweed from my yard and put it in my caterpillar keeper thing in a vase and already 3 of the little buggars are making their chryssilis'. One has been in his cocoon for a few days now. I think he is going to come out soon. If it lives it will be a Queen butterfly. The other 3 are monarch caterpillars. 2 of them are hanging upsidedown this morning so I will have to see if they make themselves into cocoons later today. The last one is still eating.

I finish my Joshua Precept study this next week. I have been able to attend every class and complete my homework. It has been the most amazing thing. I love how I can learn new things about God. Not just what He has done, but WHO He is. Watching and studying how He has provided for the Israelites and His perfect plan for them being fulfilled has increased my faith in His faithfulness. As we head for troubled times I implore you to get to know Your God. This does not happen by accident, or by just reading a Psalm everyday. It happens when you schedule time to STUDY His word. The value of the time you spend getting to know Him is immeasurable. It is different than reading a book about who He is. When you study His word and meet Him there it is different than any other form of learning. I don't think I can really explain is finding out who He is for YOURSELF...not what anyone else has told you about Him. It is as different as reading a biography about someone as opposed to actually meeting HIM face to face. My heart is burdened by the numerous baby Christians that I know who are still drinking milk when they should be on solid food...they should be studying God's word for themselves and they are not. It is the most exciting thing I've ever done in my relationship with Christ...learning to study His word and meet Him there! I beg you to begin this process. Folks are saying we are headed into some rough waters ahead and I want us to know the One in control for ourselves. I implore you with a momma's heart...please study yourself to show yourself approved...a workman who needs not to be ashamed...if I weren't in such a hurry I would look up that scripture, but actually I have myself so pumped up I am heading outside to do some studying :) Much love to you...from this One Momma