Saturday, June 23, 2012

He Put a New Song In My Heart

Hey there! I'm at a women's conference this weekend. It is amazing. It is my first conference since God put a new song in my heart and enlarged my understanding of Him and His sovereignty. It is like I have a new set of ears. I am hearing things in a new way as though I've never heard them before. I am enjoying myself, but that would come as no surprise to those who know me. Spending all day long listening to amazing teachers is sort of my idea of a great cruise vacation if you throw in some beach, fun in the sun, time too. All day yesterday I listened to some brilliant teachers. I heard John Piper! A big name in Christian circles. A phenomenal writer and communicator, but not someone I had ever seen or heard. He was amazing. I really liked him and though he spoke truths that deeply challenged my heart I was most challenged by a breakout session today by Paige Benton Brown. She spoke on the kingdom. What it is, what it isn't and how we are to affect it. I am a simple thinker and pretty darn literal and so when someone speaks plainly I like it. When they are straightforward and direct I like it. She was entertaining, extremely knowledgable, and direct. I highly recommend this session. She spoke for an hour all about the kingdom of God. The last thing she implored us to do was to go home, lay out on top of our bed all the resources God has given us and then ask God what He wants us to do with them for the kingdom. She said we aren't given the talents or resources we have so our families can be blessed. God gave us all that we have for the benefit of the redemption of the kingdom. She asked us to think about what we are doing that would distinguish us from the nice neighbor who isn't a follower of Jesus Christ. She asked us to pray over all that God has given, children, talents, abilities, jobs and gifts, and ask God what He wants us to do with them in the kingdom. I must be getting older because I broke the "rules" and didn't go to any more break out groups, but instead I sat down to make my list. It's an interesting list...I'll try to post later when I figure out what He wants me to do. I hope you are leaning into God and sensing His passion for you in new and exciting ways. In His grace,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Months is a long time...Make a Girl's Day

Right now I am here with David. He is working and I am playng. I can't believe it's been 10 months since I've wait, yes I can. It's been a crazy year. Full and fun and sometimes frantic, but its our life and we keep rolling along. Speaking of rolling, I've been riding my bike for the last 9 months and so for Mother's Day and our anniversary David bought me a road bike (the racing kind with skinny tires). It is fun and makes me much faster which I am enjoying. I almost feel like an athlete for the first time in my life. I would never have expected that at my age, but I'm grateful for the changes I've been able to make this last year. The Lord challenged me to make some changes in January of 2011 and by His grace I've been attempting to make those changes. I feel better than I have felt in years. I am a living testimony that anyone can change.

We finished the school year strong. Ellie completed Kindergarten and was awarded the Faith Warrior award for her class. Sweet little thing works so hard to be good at all she does. Just don't try to talk her into doing something she doesn't want to do. It ain't happenin. Davie finished 3rd grade with straight A's all year long. The girl works hard at all she does and won't give up until she accomplishes her goal. Cat Jo finished 10th was a tough year. If you want someone to have fun with, she's your Not so much. Sounds just a little too familiar. Let's just say it is ever so hard to watch our kids make the same mistakes we did. She is a delight to this momma's heart in so many ways and a shot in the arm at the same time. We don't have alot of time left with her at home and that truth has David and I making careful decisions. Matt is in Japan again and has about 6 weeks left. He should graduate this next year and then he hopes to teach in Japan full time. All I can say is, thank You, Lord, for Skype. We will be using Skype a lot in the next year since Sarah and Chris are moving to California in January. Chris is going to work for his family's business outside Monterey. He will train here for the next 7 months and then they will make the move after Christmas. Life brings a lot of changes and our goal is to allow God to do His thing, celebrate His goodness in the midst of it, and remember that life is not a thing to be controlled. David and I have been making this journey together for the last 29 years. We celebrated our anniversary this week. Suffice it to say that I am truly thankful for him.

Updating my blog allows me to introduce you to some of the 8th grade girls from The Good Samaritan School that still need sponsors. Some of you may remember that I visited India in June 2010. In case you don't, you can read about it here. I implore you to consider taking $34 a month and giving it to a child at risk in New Delhi, India. These girls have very little hope without an education and to receive and education they need sponsors. I am posting all of their photos and information in the hopes that some of you will choose to become sponsors. Please consider this life changing opportunity.
It would make my day actually my year and theirs if you would choose to become a sponsor. Take the step, you won't regret it. Be blessed,