Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Fun Weekend

Moon Festival Weekend with Families with Children from China

We spent the last weekend with our Families with Children from China celebrating the Moon Festival, a Chinese holiday. It's a great excuse to get together at the beach with folks we don't get to see nearly as often as we'd like. It was a ton of fun. Two other families from our church were able to attend with their daughters from China, along with their other kids. The weather was beautiful and we made some fun memories. I've loaded an album with a bunch of photos. (If you click on the photo above you will get to the album.) I must say that I love nothing more than to see my girls with their "chinese sisters". It just warms this momma's heart. The folks who planned this event did a great a job choosing a place that was kid friendly. The rooms had bunk beds for the kids and the kiddie pool had lots of fun slides and stuff to play on. This weekend I am heading to Jacksonville for a retreat with the women from my church. If you read this say a prayer for me since I have to lead worship and I am really really nervous. God is faithful though and for some reason unknown to me at this point He has chosen me for this job and I will count it a priviledge to serve Him. The funny thing is that I said to some one just recently that I had "retired" from worship team/music ministry....then I get the call where the person asked me if I would lead this weekend....isn't God funny? Just when I take back something I had surrendered to Him years ago He reminds me again Who's decision it is to retire me or not....He makes me smile and I am deeply humbled that He would use me at all. Well, I have so much on my heart and I continue to ponder some thoughts that I have yet to blog about...but that is coming. God bless you. Love, Jackie Sue
p.s. sometimes I wish I were a "funny" blogger like my new favs, and you want laughs, check them out...they make me laugh outloud with their southern humor.
p.s.s. A Big shout out to my precious Hubby who has a birthday today...I am one blessed woman!!! I love you, Eddie!!!!


Pete said...

Those pics were too cute! Catherine always looks so happy to go down that slide ... heehee-.^

Brandi said...

After all those nerves, you did great. Jackie Sue, the thing we love about you leading is your heart!

PS: If you like funny bloggers, check out she is hilarious!