Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just for Amanda (and anyone else who stops by)

So, apparently Amanda is bored. Isn't that sad? She wanted me to post something...oh wait, last time I mentioned her it was to compliment her....maybe that's what she is looking for...Amanda is so nice and pretty and she has a post from me just for her. Now that's Christian love...don't cha think?

Ok, apart from that....here at our house things are hatching...literally. A couple of weeks ago I was outside and noticed that my milkweeds(sometimes called butterfly weeds)were looking really sick. I walked over to them and much to my surprise they were covered with Monarch caterpillars. The problem was they had eaten all the plants already. Being the "super mom" ha! that I am, I set out to rescue these babies and I picked each one off the plant and brought them inside into my caterpillar habitat. For the last two weeks I have been feeding them by bringing in milkweeds from another part of my yard. After feeding them I ended up with 25 viable chrysalises...that's a LOT! So far 5 butterflies have emerged after their transformation. That's some exciting stuff, isn't it? (Amanda, just remember, you asked for this)

The other excitement at our house is that Ellie is potty training...well, actually, she isn't that crazy about it, but I had a pretty free week and so I thought we would attempt to accomplish this task. The funny thing is that the way I motivated her to even try this potty thing was to tell her that all her friends used the potty. I named the little girls from our China travel group...I said, "Molly uses the potty, and Anna Claire uses the potty, and Emily uses the potty...", etc. I just kept naming her little friends that use the potty....and she decided that she wanted to use the potty too. She didn't stay motivated for long though so then I brought out the candy...well, you gotta figure out what works, right? Pretty big stuff happening at our house...

I am very excited to start a new Precept study this week. The class is on Daniel this time. It is going to be great I'm sure. Sarah may be coming too which would be cool. Its getting late so I'll end this riveting post with a few pictures. Pictures are cuter anyway. Take care and have a great day...oh, and Amanda, I really suggest you find some other form of entertainment...not really, I'm touched you care what is going on in my life,or saddened by your state of boredom. Either way, there you go. A post just for you. Many blessings, Jackie Sue

Ellie riding in her new bike seat(Thanks Lisa!)

Our Davie girl

Our fun New Years Eve celebration complete with fireworks. Just us and the kids. It was one of the best I've ever had.

Jo(Matt's sweetie)and Catherine with her new SHORT doo...cute, yeah, I know, but I like LONG hair :)

Matt and Jo. Oh, look! Matt cut his hair too. SHORT hair is apparently very in at our house. He's still cute though and back in school this week, YAY!

Just a great picture of my Eddie. I love it. So thankful for him. God is too good to me.

K, that's it. That's all I've got. Have a great week....thanks for stopping by. Oh, one last thing, tell me what you are reading these days...I'm looking for a good read right now. Thanks!


amanda said...

Now my week is complete and my boredom has totally disappeared. I think I want to come live at your house - its a happening place.
love amanda

Kelly said...

I love that bike seat!! It was so good to see you guys at Publix!! Have a good rest of the week!!

Jackie Sue said...

Just a note to some folks whose blogs I read...there are major warning things that come up to say that you have something on your site that is spyware and so I have to run away from your blog quickly...I'm completely computer illiterate so I don't know what to tell you except if you have "google ads" on your site it is dangerous to my computer and I'm so bummed b/c I love reading Kelly and Brandi and Pastor Jon's blogs, but now I can't :(

Andrea said...

I think I'm going to vomit.Can you stroke Amanda's ego anymore...If she's reading blogs all day who's watching all those kids she has over there?????

Julie said...

Hi Jackie! It's been fun to catch up with your family's happenings ... thanks for sharing. I wanted to tell you that on Friday David and I got the official word that we're approved to be missionaries to Ethiopia! Woohoo, we are SUPER excited! Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement to us.

To answer your book question ... just finished reading Marley and Me at my mom's recommendation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also you'll be happy to know that David just ordered Same Kind of Different As Me from Amazon. Can't wait to read it!

dogowner said...

Love the butterfly story, Phil's Mom wrote a book about butterflies. I love to hear that other children do not want to potty train as well. Comfort in numbers. Dora is willing to go on the potty just not tell us when and will scream NOOO if it is not the right time for her. We wait.... Have a good week.
Love to all
Julie, Phil and Dora

Steph said...

If it makes you feel any better, AnnaLyn is NOT potty training. Happy 2009. Love ya

Brandi said...

PRECIOUS new background!