Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Photo Session

So, I decided I needed some new profile photos and I asked my 12 year old, Cat Jo, as she is affectionately known, to do me the honors. Normally she is a good photographer. This assignment offered her a bit of a challenge. Me being the assignment. It is difficult to make a very middle aged overweight woman look good in a photograph, but that was my desire. I have recently become active on facebook and all kinds of folks that haven't seen me in years may view my profile. It's alot of pressure to look good 30 years after high school...I wish I had held up better, but hey, it is what it is. Still, I want a flattering photo. That began a 30 minute laugh fest. She would snap a photo and then laugh at the hideousness of it. She enjoyed the bad photos far too much. She mocked my squinty eye. She mocked my cleavage. Oh how she mocked her momma. I am happy to report that in the midst of our photo session we laughed and laughed. It was hilarious. I asked her to take a photo looking down on me a little. She stood on the SOFA to get the angle she wanted. I asked her if she needed to be SO far away. Maybe she should have gotten on the roof! After a half hour of this a kinder photographer appeared. My oldest is a gentler soul, more like her daddy and took a few photos...most of which are in this series. Enjoy and feel free to laugh. Really. It's good for you. I heard that even from God Himself. "Laughter is good medicine"Proverbs 17:22a...my paraphrase :) love, js

the mean little thing and me
funny faces

This is me trying NOT to squint...a deer in the headlights is more like it.


Kelly said...

Those are great!! I usually close my eyes for pics so in attempt not to, I usually a lot like you. :o)

Jen said...

that's not no deer in the headlights!! those are some beautiful blue eyes! i loved ALL of the pics!

by the way, about the calendar i was talking about. if you have a mac it will be one of the applications on the bottom. as you scroll across you will see it, that is if you have a mac! :) it has really helped us. bringing my sister in the mix has been quite a bit harder for me this time. but it is getting better.

ok, i love you and miss you!! :) jen

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

So glad you decided to post this. I love the picture with Catherine's great facial expression :)

Kelly said...

Funny stuff! If you lay down on the floor, and have the photographer stand over you, you look 10 lbs lighter. Trust me, I've tried it...and who can't afford to look 10 lbs lighter?!? :)

Molly's Mommy said...

I love the pics of you and your girls!!!
Everyone, you too, looks beautiful!!!!
You guys made me smile this morning!!!!!

Brandi said...

You guys are too cute! I love these shots. . .what a fun day!

I ALSO struggle with the squinty eyes!!!


Karin said...

I hear ya. I need to have a photo session for Facebook too! These are great pictures~ you girls are so fun!

Brittani said...

I agree with Jen's comment... that is no Deer In a Headlight picture, those are BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES! I would love to have eyes like yours. My goodness. I love the pic of you with the girls. That was my favorite :)

Steph said...

I like your squinty eye. It makes me feel better about my droopy eyebrow!! What on earth were you thinking, letting Cat take your pictures???!!??

Jaime said...

I think they are ALL SWEET! Love 'em!!!

Whitney said...

I think they're great. The memories of the laughter will be a lot more precious than the "perfect shot" down the road. In my old age, I'm growing to love the candid, imperfect shot more and more because it not only captures your image but your heart! Love em!

Julie said...

Fun pics! I JUST finished Same Kind of Different! You're right ... it's incredible! Now I'm passing it along to my mom and can't wait to talk to her about it.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

stumbled onto your blog.. You are a hoot... you guys sound like you have a lot of fun in your house. and you gotta have laughter, and lots of it!!!

We are also a family blessed by adoption through China. We have 4 bio kiddos, and 3 lil' ones from China, so far. I would love to come back again, and catch up on your story!

Thanks for letting me pop in and for the laugh!