Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Scared" the book

I just finished reading this book. It is powerful. God has been getting my attention recently in many ways regarding our finances and how I use His money. I won't go into all the details, but I will tell you that I have been missing some passion in my life. I asked God just this week to give me a dream again...a passion...something to drive me to act for His kingdom in a way I did when I was pursuing the adoption of our daughters. I have a dream of another adoption...but at this time David doesn't feel called to that dream and I truly appreciate his wisdom in this matter. I needed a different dream...after finishing this book I believe God has given it to me. My new dream is to cover my fridge with photos of children all over the world sponsored by our family. It costs about $40 a month to sponsor a child...right now we sponsor two. I want to sacrifice and live so frugally that by the end of next year we have 5 photos on our fridge...3 new little lives we are affecting for the kingdom...and in 2011...3 more....If we can sponsor 3 more children a year for the next 5 years that would be 15 more children who have hope in life of medical care, education and a future in their homeland. What about you? Can you maybe sponsor 1 child today? Here are some links to consider...Compassion is one organization that I have a link to already...also,, is the organization Tom Davis works with. Won't you pray about this opportunity to be used by God? Adoption is also a wonderful option(couldn't help it, had to say knew I would)Many blessings to you all...oh, and Happy Dreaming! love, jackie sue


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm the first to comment! Can't tell you who I am or I might get shot. I comment from a hotel room in another part of the country far away from the company network.
Keep dreamin' baby. Not sure how Ed's going to keep up, but God keeps working in him too.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you have given me a lot to think about. Love you for that! I have been praying for a simpler life and we have already taken steps toward this goal. I hope to pick up the book "Scared" this weekend and get reading. The wedding looked beautiful as did the bride and all your daughter's. You are so blessed!
Much Love,

Jaciromer said...

I'm on board with all of that Jack! The best thing to ask from God, is passion for what He is passionate about and how could we not be passionate about children in need? We sponsor 3 because the Lord provides for that. Instead of gifts we sponsor children "in honor of the recipient. I love this type of gift giving. Thanks for the challenge of asking for guidance in sponsoring more. Love ya, Jack

Brandi said...

Um yes...I LOVE this dream and passion!!!! The kids who are in my emails, in my memories and on my "desk" (in my mind -) haunt me every day...I pray that more and more people will step up to sponsor these make a difference in their lives not just financially but through the letters and love!!!

You are making a difference in the world, sweet friend and I'm glad to know you.

I love you!