Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is Full

Right now I am in the midst of waiting...not my favorite thing, but honestly having some time to just sit is a gift so I will choose to be thankful for this wait.

Our Japanese student is here and he is delightful. He cooked a yummy curry dinner last night(hard to believe after India that I would eat it...) but it was delicious. His name is Shimone and he is 23. I keep beating him at Wii darts and that is fun and he seems to enjoy the craziness that is our family which warms my heart. Every year that we do this we wonder if we will love our student as much as the last one and I can tell you that every year we do. I am always surprised by how quickly my affection comes and how deep the commitment to them is. It truly is as though they are one of us. We only have 2 more weeks with him and we will miss him when he goes.

School has started for Catherine Jo. Another time of adjustments...new school...new program...new classes...equals family mtg to establish new guidelines. It went well though and we are thankful for our mediator and the hope that comes with a renewed commitment to relationships and excellence. It is going to be a good year.

India has remained on my mind, in my prayers, and in my heart. I am so excited about the chance to see Ananthi when she and Laura Marie come to the area in October. I will post more on that later.

I am currently in a Bible study about attitudes by James Macdonald. It is one of the most revolutionizing studies I have ever done. It touches me and challenges me to the core of my being. Wrong attitudes are exposed and studied and then the next week the Godly attitude to be added to my life to replace the destructive one is studied. Powerful stuff. What are you studying right now? I'd love to hear about it! Life
continues to bring circumstances that will challenge my faith...health issues...parenting challenges...relational stuff...but by my Lord's grace I will bring Him pleasure as I choose to believe Him and live a faith filled life.

I will post new summer photos soon...that's the good stuff, I know. Leave a post and let me know how you are, will you? I am a "words" person...your words fill me up. Much much love, js

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