Thursday, June 14, 2007

More fun

Just a little update....Ellie finally likes me now! She has started being so happy to see me in the mornings and seems really happy to have me as her momma. She loves her daddy now too. I really think it took her about 2 months to forget her foster family, which on the one hand is really sad, but I am so grateful that she is really falling in love with us. Summer is my favorite time of the year, why, you ask? Because we have no school and Sarah is home! We are all having fun hanging out together although that will soon be changing as both of the older kids are getting will again change. I don't believe I ever posted about David's dear dad's passing. He went home to Heaven on the day before mother's day during Catherine and Davie's once a year ballet recital. The service for him was wonderful and we are glad that he is rejoicing in Heaven, but we certainly miss him here. Eliana is doing really well developmentally and socially. She allows others to hold her now although she is still not in the church nursery, but that will happen soon enough. Well, here are some fun photos...thanks for checking in. God Bless!!!
Summer 07


Brandi said...

Sweet new pics! I love the one of the girls in the tub, especially. I love seeing all these pics of Eliana at home so I get to see her real personality. She's completely coming out of her shell. . .even in public now! Don't worry, I'm always willing to work years for a "running hug" like I get from Davie! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Now I can comment on your blogs. Why it took me so long to sign up? I don't know! I have to tell you, I have really loved keeping up with your journey, even now as Ellie is home. Keep the blogs coming... and the pictures. I love the pictures. Love you :)

Anonymous said...

Keith & I were so happy to see your update! Ellie looks so healthy and so much happier now....a different little girl! Davie looks wonderful too....they've both grown in the 2 months we've been back from China. So happy to hear that Ellie is bonding and loving her new family. God is good!
Take care and God bless,
The Callahans

Sharon said...

we am so happy to see your photos.
we are the ringo's from naples fl. we were in your group in china. we happened upon you from a gal i work with. she said you go to church in orlando with her parents. we adopted emma who is 7 years old. she is adjusting fine, it is like she has always been with us.
God bless your family
love the ringo's

Christie said...

Oh, I just love those pictures of Dave and Ellie! They are sweet best of friends sisters!! How fun! I'm glad she has fallen in love with you all...we knew it would come, but so glad it has really happened. She looks very happy and at home! Love, Christie