Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogger Map

So, okay, now I'm curious....I put this map at the bottom of my blog just for fun...well, now that I see that folks from foreign lands are looking at my blog its just not fun...it is driving me crazy to know who you folks from all over the world are....so please say hello just once and tell me about yourself...that would be so fun for me! Also for Sharon Ringo....thanks for saying hi, I tried to get a message back to you, but couldn't...I'm so glad that Emma is doing well. By the way, who is the girl you work with who's folks go to our church??? I've been trying to figure that one out for a week :)


Brandi said...

If Sharon lives in Naples, she probably goes to church with Laura whose parents are The McElhenys!! We're going to Naples tomorrow, so I'll ask Laura! We will solve this mystery! LOVE YOU. . .The map thing is cool, but it does leave questions!

Just so you know. . I'm the big dot in Orlando!

Laura said...

Sharon actually works for me, at Home Instead Senior Care. I knew that you were traveling at the same time, but for some reason I didn't even think that it would be possible for you all to be in the same group. God is awesome.

Be blessed today

Kate said...

I'm Kate, live in Wales, UK.
I leave for China tomorrow and meet my daughter on Sunday!
You can follow my story at
I pop in to your blog every few weeks and love to read how your family is developing.

Kate said...

Oh - forgot to say, I'm fascinated by the tickers and foreign readers too!

Brandi said...

where is your map? I don't see it anymore. . .love ya

Jess said...

Jackie, you haev so many dots on your MAP!!! Maybe when Ellie gets more independant you can blog for all of us more often ;) I love reading the things you write!

millermoments said...

Well, now the Oklahoma dot is ME! :) I found you when Pastor J sent out a letter recently with his blogspot - then found Brandi and found you! Your growing family is just so stinkin' beautiful! It's been such a joy to read about your journey with your new baby girl. :) Keep in touch Jackie! You are precious!