Thursday, October 25, 2007

Half Birthdays and Finally Fall in Florida

Yesterday Ellie had her half birthday. That is a photo of Ellie wearing Davie's slippers and sliding on the wood floors like ice. She laughed and laughed. The next photo is of three precious little girls, two of which I am thrilled to claim and one I am blessed to know and celebrate. It is so surreal to me that my baby is already 18 months old. Sure is a fun age. She is starting to try to say everything we ask her to. It feels like she just decided to talk and then did it. I do love me a toddler!

Today we spent time outside for the first time in months without sweating. Fall is here, for the moment, and we love it. Davie found her rhythm on the swing. She can now pump her legs with the best of them. She tried to ride a two wheeler for the first time. Not too successfully, but she did try. She'll be 5 in February and I'm betting she will be riding the Barbie bike by then. Where did the time go? My dream baby is waaaay a little girl these days. I love fall in Florida even though we don't have a change in the leaves. The breezes are lovely and the weather is so mild. Soon my little northern birds will be here for the winter. I love that, too! Well, not too much to share, just capturing a couple of moments here at our house. Hope your house is full of fun moments and growing moments and celebratory times. Gotta have it all to become more like the King. Much love, Jackie Sue
P.S. Here's a couple more moments :)This is Ellie's new "cheese" face. Cute, huh?


Pete said...

TOO CUTE!!! I love Ellie's Cheese face--she's gotten so big! I miss you guys sooo much! love you!

millermoments said...

I have an adorable picture of my little boy in that same baby swing seat - at your house on Easter (2004) So precious. Your girls are beautiful! Fall is here in Tulsa, too - I'm wrapped up in a sweatshirt and my computer says it's 55 degrees outside! I love this cleansing - it just seems to beg us to slow down and reflect. Have a wonderful day!

Jess said...

Those are such sweet pictures! Ellie sure is growing up fast!

jennifer said...

I can't believe how big Ellie has gotten. She doesn't look like a baby anymore! THey are both adorable!