Sunday, October 21, 2007


Not that anyone was wondering, but I looked up the "Mama" spelling and now I know why all you guys spell it that way. According to "momma" is just a variation of the word "mama". The word "mama" actually has a definition and it means "a sexually attractive mature woman". So there you have it...I guess like in "hot mama" :) Oh well, just thought I'd share.
So, this weekend my husband did a labor of love for me and I thought I would brag on him. We needed new flowers by the front door for winter and we bought some pansies last week to plant. I had to get three different colors because that is all that Lowe's had. I prefer to do all one color, but like I said, it was all they had so I decided to make a floral design using my three colors. I presented my idea to my sweet hubby and he labored to accomplish it. He measured and staked flags for every single pansy. There were 49 flags and then the man dug 49 little holes for my little pansies. Then he stayed with me and helped me plant them. I want to document this so that when I am frustrated with him I can remember all the times he has worked his tail off to accomplish one of my little projects. Some of us married "fun" guys. Well, I married a "worker" guy. When I have a job that I need done there is no one I'd rather do it than my perfectionist husband. He is not especially demonstrative in a romantic way, but he will certainly break his back to do what we need done as a family and so I honor my husband with this post and say that I am a blessed woman to have him in my life. Anybody have anything they want to brag on their husband about? Feel free to share. Love, Jackie Sue
Update: After the flowers on Sunday and Monday night my man did Catherine's History project with her...the whole thing! Now THAT is speaking my love language.What a wonderful husband!!!


Brandi said...

How sweet is that! My brag is the exact same story!!! Last weekend, Greg worked with me most of the morning Sat. and when I left, he continued the planting!

I love fresh flowers. . .they ARE romantic! AND, not a waste of money. Come on $30 for roses?

PS: I just ordered There's No Me Without You from the library!

Kristen said...

I loved your sweet. My hubby is very similiar--not overly demonstrative in romantic ways--but he will work his hiney off if I need something worked on the homefront. Just helped me hang all these picture frames I'd been wanting up around the house...meant as much a box of chocolates! :)


I love the new pics of Eliana Joy!! Wow, has her hair grown!!! What a beauty she is!! We have been so incredibly busy that this is the first chance I have had to visit other sites or even update our own. Hope all is well on your end. For what it is worth, I always thought that one spelled "Momma" in the same manner as you do. :-)

Steph said...

Gotta brag on my man. He totally took care of the household while I stayed at the hospital with AnnaLyn. Got the boys where they needed to be, picked up AnnaLyn's prescriptions on the way home, brought me Starbucks to the hospital...And he looks so darn good too. Lucky me.

connie said...

Hey, "hot mama," so good to hear from you! Thank you for posting to my blog because I had lost yours, and wow what I've missed! Ellie is gorgeous! Congrats on 6 mos. Love, love, love your blog! It's beautiful.
Connie J

Cassie said...

I'm glad the mama drama is solved. I've been sitting on the edge of my seat. Well, I must say that I relate to that type of romantic guy. Cory is definitely a worker. These last couple months have truly put him to the test as we are remodeling. He is a trouper and I am lucky to have him (as everyone tells me).