Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Just wanted to share a few more photos. If you have the time, click on the photo above...there are captions this time, oh the joy :)! have you been? I have been fine, but burdened. I have almost finished the book, "There's No Me Without You" (thanks to BooMama for having it on her fall reading list). I decided to read this book thinking it was just another book on adoption/care for orphans in Ethiopia. I've read tons of books on adoption. Mostly ones related to China, so I didn't think any big deal about reading this one. Oh my goodness, was I wrong! I know I tend to live in my own little world and don't watch the national news and I don't have cable so I don't watch news programs in general, but I had no conscious idea of all the children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. I was basically clueless. This book is so educational. It reads like a text book on the AIDS crisis in Ethiopia. I have been floored by this. Much to my dismay my heart has been completely taken in by the orphans there. I have taken forever(weeks) to read this book and since I read fast it just shows how little I could take in at one time. It was just too much information.

A couple of months before reading this book I was chatting with the Lord "you know, Lord, I can see why people get addicted to adoption. It gives purpose and meaning to the mundane day to day life of things. It gives me focus and a goal and I love the end result so much that I could do it again and again, but David says we are done, so now, Lord, what do I do? What is to be my goal now?" He clearly spoke to my heart "raise the children I have given you. Finish the job well." I remember then thinking, duh....that is the truth, Lord, getting them here wasn't really the hard part at all....raising them....that is the hard part. So, I began to pour myself into my children and to the goal that God had set before me.

Soooo, now I have read this book and I have no idea what to do with this information. I will never be the same. I have cried as I have read the book and I have wept before God and asked Him, "what do I do with this information? what do You want me to do now that I know the need?" I don't have any answers yet, but He will show me.

Of course I have been sharing with David about all that I was learning. You can imagine his reaction to all this orphan talk. On our date over Thanksgiving I shared some more with him....David-"We're done. You will have to get one of your kids to do this one". Me-"Oh, honey, I know we are done. It has just touched my heart and I don't know what to do with all this information" David-"Well, stop, not really...I don't know what to tell you, but I am too old and we are done." Me, smiling and laughing, "oh honey, don't worry, I wouldn't want to get another child before Matt leaves home and that's at least two years. And then, if we did, I would want an older girl to go between Davie and Catherine. Besides in Ethiopia we can't adopt anyone more than 50 years less than our age and since you are over 50 we would need to get an older child. But, don't worry, we have two years before we need to do anything." David-"Ok. Now can we talk about something else?" All smiles and a fun date with real conversation and food and laughter. A good time was had by all two of us. And do you know how I know this? The next day we celebrated "thankful Saturday"(my made up holiday) and David shared that one of the things he is thankful for is "Jackie's heart for adoption". I was floored!!!! And this was after all my Ethiopia talk!

I have NO idea where this will all lead, but I love the journey of finding out. Maybe it is to be an encouragement to you....maybe YOU need to adopt from Ethiopia :) Much love, Jackie Sue


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love your heart for adoption too! You are contagious!

Karin said...

Eric has said just what david said MANY times~"Ok. Now can we talk about something else?" I try not to talk too much or too often about our what looks to be LOOONG wait for our baby girl from China... but, I tell ya, my heart is so there, and my heart just aches to have to pitter patter of kiddie feet in our house... He also says, "be patient. It'll all work out"~ agh. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Steph said...

It is addicting isn't it?? What DO we do with the information?? We're done too, but all my boys have said they are going to adopt when they marry. Maybe that's it...Anyway, love the family photos. i've decided that if there are more than 2 Morgans in a photo, it's a riot. We just had some done too, and most of them turned out just like your bloopers. Well, we think so anyway...One roll got destroyed, so we get to do it all over again...oh joy. Love you so much

Jessie's parents said...

Hi Jackie,
I know what you mean...adoption is a slippery slope! My heart aches for all of the orphans around the world too. We will never forget the 80 little faces staring back at us at Jessie's orphanage...80 that stayed there, without a family. The non-profit that my hubby is working on is now operating in Ethiopia!! We're hoping to make a difference there, one child at a time.

Jen G. said...

Hey Jackie,
You have no idea how many lives you have touched. You are a walking advertisement for adoption and God. You know that Ray Boltz song "Thank You"? I can picture people lining up in heaven to thank YOU for the ways that you gave to the Lord and helped them.

Earlier this week I was at a party for Lexi's preschool class. I overheard of couple mom's (and friends of mine) talking about wanting to adopt. I joined the conversation. One said, well you started this and now we want to adopt too. Both of the ladies expressed their desires to adopt but their husbands weren't on board. They said all they could do for now was pray. I said keep praying girls because God can do anything. And then I told them about you. They were encouraged by your story. And they will continue to pray and pray.
God is using you to help the orphans of the world and He's not done. Adoption is contagious.


Billie said...

Hi! Somehow I found your blog! I am on the way to my 1st adoption. I too have 3 bio kiddos. I just told my hubby last night that I can't imagine being done with this one. I do feel that adoption can be addictive. The process is hard but exciting. It will make my life seem boring once she is home. Thanks for your perspective.

Just remember...God gave you the info for a reason...and he would NEVER call you to something that he wouldn't your hubby. Pray for him...he will come around ;) lol