Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've got critters...

Ok, Just wanted to show you an update on the caterpillars. They have grown a LOT. The same mature woman stopped by to help me with my photos. Isn't it amazing that she always shows up just when I need her? Simply amazing.

Can you believe how in less than a week they have grown so much? It is so fun to go out everyday and see all the caterpillars on this one plant. Seriously, I don't think it can feed them all. Can you believe how brave I, I mean, that woman is holding those caterpillars. She seemed a little timid about picking them up, but for the blog she did it. Here are some more photos of some more of the critters around my house. Thanks for reading. No one so far has posted about what floats their boat though...seriously, what turns your crank? I really want to know. Blessings, Jackie Sue


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I've been waiting for an update. Thanks.
What floats my boat? Well, I would have to say being a part of labor of delivery with a woman. I love it! It's always different and it's always an amazing miracle from God.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting an update on the caterpillars. If you want to see a corny story I wrote, just look up caterpillar on teachertube. It's a digital story on mathematical transformations.

Teaching math floats my boat. It may sound corny, but I love it when my students finally "get it".

Dianna M.

Anonymous said...

I have to say "what floats my boat" is God's creation (outside) I get to see some awesome sunrises on the way to work and the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. He amazes me and brings such a "WOW" to my heart when I look out and see Jesus in nature. My most favorite is a log cabin, in the mountains, middle of nowhere, fall time and the whole mountainside is painted in the most unbeleivable array of oranges, yellows, reds, purples and browns!!! (I would have said The best team in the NFL-my beloved PITTSBURGH STEELERS)floats my boat, but I know a bunch of women read these blogs and would say yuck! :-) Also, just chillin with friends does it for me too!
Love ya lots!

Kelly said...

What floats my boat...children laughing. I love the innocence in it!

A More Simple Life said...

Rolling Hills with a light fog, misty air, the sun creeping over the crest of the mountain, the sounds of a trickling stream, sounds of rustling leaves, sounds of birds and crickets in the morning...that floats my boat...ahh, I can see me there now! I'm with Valarie on this one (with the exception of the Steelers)! Go DAWGS!!!

WaitingforEmma said...

Hi Jackie Sue. Your blog was forwarded to me from a friend. I have 2 bio boys, Tylor and Ethan, and a little girl, Emma, from China. It seems we traveled right before you did. I was there March 2, 2007 - March 16. Just wanted to say hi and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I think you mentioned you are in Florida? We are too, in Lutz.

So great to read your blog about your family!

Many Blessings-

Brandi said...

Very cool! I am officially inviting myself and my kids out to your house sometime soon. They would LOVE running around with your littles and seeing some of these critters. Brayden would be in high heaven!

What floats my boat? Watching people take steps of faith. . hearing them share what they are learning (probably why I love blogging), seeing God use the ordinary for the extraordinary. . .the ocean, my kids last week when they saw a picture of a mud hut, screaming "there's AFRICA" and being excited about that. . .hmmm. . I could go on and on. . is this considered a meme? ha ah

Love you bunches. . .can you tell that I'm catching up on blog reading? Greg's out of town this week!