Friday, July 25, 2008

What Floats My Boat

Wanna know what floats my boat? Well, thanks for asking. God and His creative genius just turns my crank. I planted a pipevine a few months ago. This is it.
So, a pipevine is a vine that Polydamas Swallowtail and Pipevine Swallowtails know instinctively to lay their eggs on. Why, you ask? Well, because that is the vine that their caterpillars will eat to grow into big fat caterpillars and then turn into beautiful butterflies. It is called a larvae plant and that is why I planted it. I wanted to see this process. These butterflies don't lay their eggs anywhere else. Isn't that amazing? Seriously amazing. I thought I would try to capture a bit of the process for you. Here is the Polydamas Swallowtail trying to find a place to lay er eggs:

Here is the female Polydamas butterfly laying her eggs.(I am in the birthing room. Isn't that sweet of her to let me come in? It doesn't look easy either. She works pretty hard laying her little eggs. I felt a bit intrusive, but really she seemed ok with me being there. I think sharing this process makes us bff's)

So, here are her eggs:
In just a few short days these eggs will hatch and look like this:
To really see the little buggars you need to click on the photo and make it larger. These are tiny little teenie caterpillars.(Just for the record, some old woman came over to help me with my photos. That is her hand in the picture.)
Here is another one of the little the way, what floats your boat?
I'll post more photos of my little caterpillars as they grow. Isn't this fun? love, Jackie Sue


Kelly said...

That is fasinating! I will have to show Nathaniel this blog! He is a nature "freak"!


I am intrigued!! Now I want to plant the vine and watch the process :-) Jackie, I have to tell you that Emily Grace was so impressed with Davie Ann that she talks about her all the time. She recognizes her in our pictures from both trips. Just yesterday, she was on her phone and I asked her who she was talking to and she told me..Davie Ann. Your little Davie Ann has a fan in Atlanta :-)

Tabby said...

Hello, Thank you for comment on my spotlight today! I just loved the butterfly blog! I wrote a blog about Metamorphosis not too long ago- I laughed/ cried, my way through it. Anyway, it's just where I was at the day I wrote it. I love nature and God's beauty!!! My son says he wants to be an entomologist when he grows up so I showed him this, he liked it! He also learned something new!

See you in SAT,


Jill said...

hi...thanks for the great info on the vine...and the pics were fab...I am excited to meet you in a few weeks in SA, and I love your info you have shared in the adoption of your little joys.

Julie said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Jackie! Hey, can you remind me which adoption agency you used and whether you recommend them? Thanks!


Jill said...

okay so I am commenting again, I did know you were from because of the roll call on SF blog. Also, I love the book safely home by R.Alcorn, my brother lives over there now and it made me think of his life so differently. Feel free to email me. Your daughters are precious.