Friday, June 25, 2010

"Delhi Belly"

So, last night, Thursday, I got really sick in the night. I won't go into detail, but it was bad pretty much all night long. Thankfully I didn't throw up. This morning I stayed back at the flat and started taking Cipro. One of our leaders, Laura Marie, said, "oh, you have Delhi Belly." Oki doki then. The good news is that since I've already gotten this I don't have to dread it again. In all seriousness, please pray for the health of the team. We are all struggling a bit. Tomorrow morning early we are supposed to go do p.e. at the school. I will be the photographer I think. I did a bit of shopping today. Bartering is not my gift, but I had some women with me who were experts at it. Love what I got and loved the price. Let me take a minute to say that for me there is no getting used to the heat or the smells of India. It is sensory overload every day. It is raw and amazing in not a great way. Even in the "nice" areas you will see homeless people sleeping on the ground all over the place. It is beyond description. Simply amazing. After shopping we went to dinner tonight and I had some chicken soup. I have managed to keep it down, but still the belly cramping and aching. I will be fine soon I'm sure. I almost finished Tom Davis' second work of fiction, "Priceless". It is an intense and quick read. I highly recommend it. Well, peeps, I got nothin' else....maybe tomorrow will be better. I bet I will get some great pictures of the kids. Love from India, js
p.s.I tried to upload a video of the kids singing to us,but it was going to take a really long time. It will have to wait until I get home. 7 more sleeps. Miss home but love being here.


Jaci said...

Well, how interesting that I prayed for you yesterday, while you were suppose to be sleeping. Sorry to hear of your Delhi Belly, blah! Praise God you can only get it once. Your girls are doing great here. Have all three for today then the two little overnight so we can go make pizza with the FCC tomorrow. Blessings, Jack, love ya, Jack

Kelly said...

Praying for you and fam Jackie!

Brownskyn said...

"Delhi Belly" the name sounds exotic but not the meaning. So sorry.