Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was a good day!

Today was a really good day. The only hard thing was the heat. I don't think I'm gonna get used to it, but it certainly doesn't seem to affect the nationals. We went to both of the other school campuses today and visited some other homes in a different slum. We went in two homes of children that attend the school. The first was nice with photos of the children framed and on the wall, but it was no bigger than my closet...for five family members. Amazing! I love how gracious they are and how they always offer us something to drink. To have so little and to share with others is just precious. It was a very special day. We went to the youngest students, preschool and kindergarten campus and they sang for us. I will try to post the video. It made me cry. They treat us with such love and we were important people or something. Truly humbling. I cut my toe while at that campus on the edge of a cement doorway and the staff from the school served me and cleaned my dirty foot like it was a major injury. It was bleeding a lot and they moved right into action. Again, truly humbling. My feet were filthy! They treated me like a queen. The Indians are big into serving others. I could learn a lot from them...and hope I do. The best news of the day was that Ananthi(the head of the schools) had the opportunity to talk with the 9th grade boy that was interrogating me yesterday and she said he allowed her to pray for him. He came to see her! They talked for more than an hour and she said it was amazing...a bit on the miraculous side that an older student would ask to come and see her and respond so positively to her counsel. I can't really say much, but my heart was overflowing with such joy that God would use my feeble words yesterday to prod him to go see her and that it would have such a positive outcome. He is amazing! I am falling asleep so I am going to bed. Blessings and love. We serve an awesome God!
Jackie Sue


Anonymous said...

That is just what I prayed for!!! I knew God could/ would use what you said to cause them to ponder what they really believe!! That is so exciting!! I'll keep praying for those sweet boys! ;-). It is so exciting to hear all that you are doing and experiencing! Miss you!

Brownskyn said...

Jackie this is so great to read. As I read your previous post about you sharing how God saved you and him being the One true God. All I could think was, truth was spoke and God would handle that completely. I know what you were sharing was about you not wanting to offend and do harm. I know that God is using that to teach you some things and he also used it to penetrate that young boy's heart. Man the power of his Word.