Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Birthday Season Again!

It begins in February for our family and ends the end of May. 6 birthdays to celebrate in 3 months! Whew, it can get crazy. We are big on traditions at our house and one birthday tradition is that you get to pick your favorite meal for your celebration. Another tradition, as of two years ago, is a picture in the birthday hat. Here's what we have so far this year...

Davie turned 8 and requested Chinese food for her birthday party. She grew 3 inches this year and the doctor believes she will be taller than me when she is finished growing. Her favorite things are gymnastics, reading, singing, playing with friends and technology...any kind of computer games. Angry Birds is our favorite!Davie has had her share of tears with the moving of our dear friends just recently. What a tender hearted girl she is.After Davie's birthday comes Sarah's. She turned 24 this year. She requested burgers on the grill and a traditional birthday cake. We are so proud of Sarah's hard work this year teaching 1st grade and are thrilled for her that she gets to teach middle school Language Arts next year. She is our first born and a wonderful woman!
Next on our birthday tour is Catherine Jo. She has become "Cat" to all her friends. She turned 15!!!! I know...hard to believe. Catherine is a delight as long as we are not attempting to do homework. She is fun to laugh at and laugh with. We have a great time together most of the time and we are excited for the woman she is becoming.This year our baby turned 5 on Easter! Eliana Joy is so much fun. She started going to speech this year, but it was difficult for me to let go of the cute way she has always said things. Her "ofay" became "ok". Bummer. She is trying to conquer her "s"s and it is giving her a fit, but she works hard on it. She will go to kindergarten in the fall and I am sure that I am going to have the time to finally have that spotless house I've always wanted...haha.
Matthew or Matt Matt as he is fondly known by the little girls has his 21st birthday in Japan this year! He is leaving before his birthday and was kind enough to pose in the birthday hat for me at Ellie's party yesterday. Matt is growing up and has made us proud as he wrestles with decisions and walks in faith with God. Please pray for him while he is in Japan for 35 days. God worked a financial miracle to allow him to go again this year with "Mission to Japan" and we are asking God to keep him safe and protected from radiation and such....trusting the Lord with our precious son.
So this is how we spend spring at our house....celebrating! I sure hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones and that you find tons to celebrate in the coming months.
With much love and celebration,

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