Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saying Bye to Momo

So this weekend we said goodbye to our Japanese student. Momo was with us for the month of August. She was beautiful and delightful, agreeable in every way. The students come to America to see the sights and practice their English. The program we are involved in is called Mission to Japan and the students come knowing that Bible classes are part of the program, though most of them have no religion at all. Japan is a country whose people give very little thought about God. Momo told me that before she came to America she did not think about God and had no opportunity to learn about God. That is not uncommon, but rather the norm for Japanese youth. We open our home to them to allow them to see what American families are like. We welcome them to our table and our hearts, but the truth is, with all my heart I want them to meet Jesus. Even now, I am moved to tears thinking about any of our students coming to believe in Christ and to follow His teachings for the rest of their lives. To meet them again in Heaven is my heart's desire. So we invite them to witness our messy lives, our imperfect homes, our parenting, pets, and marriages hoping that somehow in the midst of it all they might have their eyes opened by the One who loves them and that somehow they might get a glimpse of our passion for Jesus and His passion for them. If they can see Him then all the sacrifices will have been worth it. It's not the hardest thing in the world one can do for Jesus, but it is hard....BUT if they see Him then it is all worth it and that is why we continue to do it even though it is difficult. Momo was able to see Ellie's baptism at church two weeks ago. She told me that she was "touched in her heart" though she didn't understand why. I pray that she will continue to wonder about that. We had a lot of time to talk together, just the two of us, and I pray that those conversations will be replayed in her mind over the next few weeks as she moves back into her normal lives. I pray that God will bring Christians into her life and that everywhere she turns she will meet people who know Christ, though she had never noticed them before. I pray that she will read the Bible she was given and be swept away by God's love and plan for her life. I pray for her eternal salvation.

Is hosting difficult? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Will we do it again? Most definitely. Hosting a person from another country is like going on a missions trip without ever leaving the comfort of your own bed.....I wonder what my bed in Axum will be like??? Stay tuned....

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