Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prayer Requests

This never loaded last night so I'm trying again this morning....
Our team met at the church to load up at 4 this afternoon. After a word of prayer by Gabe, our missions pastor, we all loaded up. With all our suitcases and medical equipment checked I am happy to report that we had an uneventful flight to Dulles in Washington DC where we will catch our flight in the morning to Ethiopia. I'm now settled in for the night planning to wake up for breakfast at 6. I realized that I haven't really given specific prayer requests so I thought I would do so now. 

Because half of our team is traveling for medical missions, we are traveling with medical equipment. Please pray that we will have favor in customs on the Ethiopia side and that all our medical equipment will arrive safely.

Please pray that we can all get our bodies switched to Ethiopian time quickly...on the flight over if possible.

Please pray for God to be our strength as we adjust to the altitude, food and anything else I don't even know to ask for yet :) 

Most of all ask God to give us His favor as we seek to love Him and love others for Him. May He supernaturally remove any and all prejudices and judgmental attitudes from our secret selves and to allow us to serve and live well. 
Thank you from the bottom of my grateful ❤️!

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