Thursday, April 17, 2008

Road Trip with Louise

Well, we've been on the road for 27 hours now. It's supposed to be a 21 hour trip, but my friend and I, we like to take our time. It's not like we are in "The Amazing Race"or anything. Although, we are racing my friend's brother and not telling him where we are so it feels a bit like the amazing race. He's a tad bit competitive so we are having fun letting him believe we are ahead of him when in reality he's probably ahead of us, what with all our stops at the Harley Davidson shops and such. Last night was fun. We stopped at a little convenience store to potty up and the clerk there was quite the looker. He asked us if he couldn't join us to be our chaperone. We quickly agreed that he was just what we were looking for. Well, actually, my friend, let's call her "Louise" just for fun, was ready to move over our bags, but I talked her out of it. She's not from the south so she didn't know he was just being polite. Louise, she's quite the looker herself and oh, that husband of hers. Last Sunday he caused quite the stir amongst the congregation when he left his second button unbuttoned on his dress shirt. Most of us could hardly concentrate on his sermon! Well, after our visit at the Citgo we continued on our way. It was quiet on the roads at 3am. Just us and the truckers. We saw one trucker who had a sign on his truck that said "be a flirt, lift your shirt." Louise and I, well, we just couldn't believe that. I told her to put her shirt down right now! Thank goodness she has me for a stabilizing force in her life on this trip. Well, at 3:50a.m. we pulled into the Ritz...ok, I lied, it was the Comfort Suites. Well, Shawn, the little desk clerk was most happy to assist us with a room. He sent us next door to the Quality Inn where the manager lady proceeded to send us back to Shawn who finally got us a room. Did I mention it was 4 in the morning and we had been driving for like 3 days already???? We got checked in and believe it or not our key didn't work. So, Louise went back down and Shawn fixed the key. Louise came back and the key still didn't work. Louise went back down and this time ol' Shawn came with her. Well, he couldn't get the key to work either, but his master key worked so he let us in. I kid you not, Shawn came back two more times before we could go to sleep. It is now 4:30am and we still don't have a key that works. Finally, we just shut the door and went to bed, knowing that Shawn could come in and get us anytime...that's the stuff Lifetime movies are made of. Well, in spite of that fact, we had 3 blissful hours of sleep...up by 8 and down at the restaurant by 8:55, just in time for that free breakfast. Yum yum! There's nothing like hot waffles made on one of those fancy flip waffle makers. Course Louise didn't know how to operate one of those highly technical machines, so her waffle was only cooked on one side. She doesn't usually stay at such high class establishments. Anywho we are on the road again and having a delightful time. So far today only 6 cups of Starbucks and 3 Big Macs each. We'll be sure to update you again soon. Pray for me, with Louise anything can happen.


Jess said...

Just wondering if they gave you and "Loise" and hourly rate for that fancy hotel. Glad to know your safe. Keep us updated!

Brandi said...

OH my.. . .how many Starbucks did you have just prior to writing that doozey of a post? Did Sarah write that for you? You guys crack me up. . that Louise, she can be trouble. Watch out. . .be really careful when you are in clothing stores, sometimes she breaks into modeling for the passerbys, just strutting her stuff!

Quite the adventures already. . .I'm just glad you kept Louise from flashing that trucker!

Love you both, now stop getting into trouble!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Louise, Louise, Louise... tisk, tisk, tisk!! I've heard about all the trouble that girl can cause!
Jackie, you are a stabilizing force in so many of our lives. It's good to know she is in good hands.
Be sure not to share the story of when you cussed out your neighbor... that might call in to question your credibility a little.
Love Ya!!

melmac said...

Geez Louise! Good thing you are there...should we call you Thelma? Wave hello to my hometown as you drive by but please keep those shirts down!

dogowner said...

Welcome to the midwest !!!
Drive safely!!!

Brandi said...

wondering when the next installment is coming? I'm worried that you girls may have wound up in a county jail somewhere!