Saturday, June 7, 2008

Denver on my Mind

Traveling with Eddie has turned into quite the adventure. Not much different than traveling with "Louise".(Can some techy person help me again...I don't know how to link to a particular past post on my blog?) Anyway, we were delivered to the airport yesterday by the very timely and competent Pastor Jon in plenty of time so Eddie and I split a sandwich, got me a starbucks and made our way to the gate. Uneventful and oh so freeing to be traveling alone. Our flight left Orlando on time and arrived in Denver with 4 hours of a layover. We went and ate...yes, again! and then proceeded to the gate where we waited and waited and waited. The airport in Denver is wonderful. Lots of food and shops, but I was sorta excited about getting to Wyoming. Just wasn't meant to be. At 9:30 at night they said the flight would leave at midnight. So, guess what we did? Yes, at 11:30pm our time we headed to get a snack. By the time we got back the flight had been cancelled for real. Off to a hotel compliments of United Airline. I'm ok with changes and flying by the seat of my pants(NOT!). I really try to adjust but the most interesting thing is that Eddie, somehow in these type of circumstances, is completely calm and at ease. I'm serious. He doesn't get bothered at all. I'm all stressed about the car that is waiting for us and already paid for and the resort where we are staying that will not adjust the cost of our stay for the night we didn't get to stay there. Seriously, this is the most expensive place we've ever stayed and so the cost of that and the money just being wasted kept me up at night. Not Eddie. He slept the sleep of babies and seems to enjoy this adventure thing. I would have said and I by far the more adventuous of the two of us and yet in this type of situation somehow not so much. So here we sit, again, at the Denver airport waiting on our flight to Jackson Hole. It has been delayed again....but the good side is we had a lovely breakfast together. (Man! I sure talk a lot about food) Oh, did I mention that when they shipped us off to a hotel at midnight that we had NO LUGGAGE! No suitcase, no change of clothes, no toothbrush, no hairspray, NO MAKEUP...get the picture? Not pretty my friends. Except for Eddie...looks exactly the same as yesterday and is happy as a clam sitting next to me reading the news on his computer. We are such geeks together. Hopefully I will get to Jackson Hole today. I can't wait to ride in our convertable in the 40 degree weather and sleep at our expensive Spring Creek Ranch. Wish us well. love, jackie sue


Brandi said...

Ok, that place looks GORGEOUS! And the rocking chair on the front porch? That just screams Jackie Sue!!! Have a blast and take great pics. . and blog if you have time!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed saying goodbye, I had all the best intentions and thought about you wed thru fri but never got around to calling and wishing you many happy memories on this anniversary trip. I know the little distractions of flight delays can be a source of aggravation, but don't allow it to control your time with David.. I miss you greatly and am looking forward to having my dear friend back home and hearing about your wonderful trip! Love ya-Valarie

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Cory is rarely fazed in those type of circumstances too. But, you know, he IS the nicest guy in the whole world :)