Friday, June 27, 2008

Give me just one more chance...

Ok, for my faithful friends who actually want to see my Wyoming pictures, David helped me to put them all on one little tiny memory thingy.(Yes, my grasp of technology is astounding.)So here are my photos...just click on the first one and hopefully you will head to Picasa where you will see some amazing beauty, oh, and some mountains too :) Have a wonderful weekend! love, Jackie Sue p.s. why don't you tell me about your favorite vacation and where you saw God's hand in a whole new way? I would love that!
Wyoming Vacation


Anonymous said...

now those were worth the wait!!
my best 'when God wow-ed me with His handiwork' memories:
~our trip out there where ya'll were--thats the first time i truly understood the term 'jaw-dropping beauty'
~then a few years later we went to Vermont and upstate New York and that became my new favorite place on earth
~but long before either of those trips we went to Shenandoah Valley for the first time and I wept in awe of His beautiful world
~and when i was 18 (and much too young to appreciate it) i went to Switzerland (I'd really like a do-over now that i'm mature!)
~and then there's the ocean when the water is that incredible blue-green
~really, i could go on but i'll just stop there and wonder how will He ever top all this in Heaven...but He actually will--AMAZING GOD

lisa e

Brandi said...

Wow! That one with the caption "no caption needed" was AMAZING!!! So incredibly beautiful! oh my. . .LOVE it!

Love you,

Jared, Jen and Andon said...

Wow, what amazing pictures! The mountains are beautiful! So glad you guys has such a good time! Love you ~Jen

Anonymous said...

What fun, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! There is nothing like God's nature to really wow us and show how amazing he is! Christie

Karin said...

Those are beautiful~
I have enjoyed all your adventures you've had in the last few months!

oh, and you asked a thousand years ago... we are HOPING to move but no bites yet! I am keeping quiet on my blog until I can put a big SOLD! picture up there :)

Amber S. said...

I've been catching up on what I've missed in not reading your blog in a while. The post about all of the reasons you love your husband was so beautiful, I got teary eyed! It made me appreciate my sweet hubby more for being out in the hot sun all afternoon doing yard work. It's so easy to think of that as just his job around the house, and not as something to be thankful for. All of your pictures are amazing! Chad and I went to Jackson Hole right after high school graduation with my family and we both loved it. We always talk about going back someday, especially Chad! And we saw the Bar J Wranglers! My family has their CD and we still listen to it in the car quite often when we're with them. Thanks again for sharing!

Amber S.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, what amazing pictures! I love them all! You make me want to travel out west.

Jess said...

I so want to go there! Great picture!