Monday, August 11, 2008

Goings On Around Here

So, how's your mom? We are all surviving over here. My last post made for some interesting discussions here at home and some thoughtful contemplation on my part.

Jungo has been here for a week and he is just delightful. He is pretty "ghetto" with his low riding pants and his long hair, but just a precious personality. This is a 21yr old guy who lives alone in an apartment coming to stay with a family of 7. Not an easy transition if you ask me, but he has done super. He loves the girls and plays cards with Davie. I think I could adopt a 21 year old :) Right now he and Matt are on the Mission to Japan beach retreat for the next 4 nights. I'm praying for his salvation. Won't you join me? His father is Buddhist and his mother is Christian, but he says he has no religion. In spite of his limited English we have had some serious talks and many laughs. I know that we did the right thing by having him. I think a lot of the difficulty in preparing for his coming had to do with the enemy dividing us and trying to make us doubt our decision to have Jungo come stay with us. I will be glad when I can catch the enemy before he catches me...I am a slow learner. I will post pictures of our times together soon.

Davie starts school in one week. Did you hear me, ONE WEEK??? Ahhh. We went and bought her school supplies today. It was fun. I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that I am afraid for her. School can be great...or it can be really hard. I wonder how she will do. David and I are in agreement that she should go, but still I am apprehensive. I am looking so forward to having Ellie at home with me and spending time with her just the two of us, but I will be watching Davie closely to make sure that things are going well with her. Life is full of risks, isn't it?

Well, not much else to write about except that I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Wasn't China's opening ceremony phenomenal??? I haven't even seen the whole thing yet, but what I've seen was superb. I was so proud. I am hoping to be able to get it on dvd for my little girls.

I did want to share about my time on the porch yesterday morning. It was a sweet time of reflection and worship. Somehow I was ready for church early (I still don't know how that happened)and had time to go on the porch and get quiet with God. I've been thinking about the Israelites and how God had promised them the "promise land", but how hard they had to work to claim what was already theirs and then how hard they had to fight to keep it. As I study the book of Joshua I am struck by their journey and how it compares to ours. Our Promised land is Heaven and eternity with God, but what a journey to there, with an enemy who wants us to doubt our promise land everyday. As I meditated yesterday about Jungo and how attached we have all become to him and how I doubt we will ever see him again when he leaves and then how I'd like to see him in Heaven...all these thoughts led me to try to describe who God is if I could explain Him to Jungo and so I wrote this psalm yesterday while sitting on the porch.

My God

Gracious is my God and sweet beyond compare.
Mighty is my God; He will not be mocked.
Tender is my God like a mother with a nursing babe.
Solid is my God; a sure foundation to build upon.
Mysterious is my God who's ways are not my own.
Compassionate is my God; a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widow.
Creative is my God just look at the butterflies' wings.
Endless is my God as the ocean's horizon
Faithful is my God; never forgetting all His promises.
Comforting is my God; He is near to the brokenhearted and saves those with crushed spirits.
I can't imagine my life without Him.
My God.

Ya'll have a great day and know that you are loved.
Jackie Sue


Lydia said...

Jackie, I so needed to hear that sweet poem! It's right where I need to be living -- remembering how My God is my provider -- my family's provider!!!

Thanks for the encouragement!


Jared, Jen and Andon said...

Oh Jackie, I am so happy to hear that it is going good with Jungo. I will pray for his salvation!

Thank you for that Psalm this morning! I miss you so much! I will be calling this week to see when we can do Starbucks!

We are going to a baseball game tonight. Our neighbor gave us tickets to a Nashville Sounds game. So, it should be fun. :) Maybe Wednesday or Thurday? I'll call you.
Love you!! Jen

Anonymous said...

I dearly love the things our Great God tells you on the porch, Jackie=
thanks for sharing them with us!
lisa e

jaycee said...

Happy to know that it is going well with Jungo....will continue to pray.

Our family also LOVES the Olympics.

NOG stands for "No Other Gods." It's the bible study we are doing this summer.

Have a blessed day. See you in SA!

Jaime said...

Beautiful poem Jackie! I love that you share your front porch moments with Jesus! I will also being praying for Jungo's salvation.


Brandi said...

What a precious psalm. . it made my heart SOAR for the God that we serve. . .oh man, it made me miss spending more time wtih you too. You always encourage my heart and spur me to love Jesus more. I love you!

I join you RIGHT NOW praying for Jungo's salvation. Oh sweet Jesus, reveal yourself to him. Change his heart. May he be changed, Lord.

Love you,
PS I just finished Joshua and have LOVED reading through the Israelites and how crazy they were. . and how much I see us in them.

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet poem Jackie! I always love to hear what God speaks to you! Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying for Jungo! Love, Christie