Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Song of Hope

Jungo and Matt came home from the retreat yesterday. Just a note of one sweet thing. On the way home from the church Matt asked Jungo what was his favorite song of the week and Jungo said "All in All" and then began to sing it. EVERY WORD. In his sweet Japanese accent he sang with accuracy "You are my strength when I am weak...Jesus, lamb of God. Worthy is Your name. Jesus, precious lamb of God, worthy is Your name." and then he said, "yes, great song. I like very much." Now, I don't have any idea if he really understands what he was saying/confessing when he was singing, but it was the truth and the prayer of my heart is that the seed of truth that was planted this week would take root in his heart. Isn't this exciting??? Floats my boat, I tell ya, it does. Thanks for praying for Jungo. He leaves on Saturday and we have church tomorrow and youth group on Wednesday, so don't stop. Love you, Jackie Sue

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that is so sweet and exciting!! I will keep praying! Love, Christie