Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ellie is headed for the Pro Bowling League

Last night at our friends Ellie showed us some amazing Wii skillz. She bowls all by herself. She even got a STRIKE! I so wish I had a video to show you the celebrating she did when she got that strike. It was priceless! We had a great Labor Day with very little labor involved, but tons of fun (unlike our typical Labor Day where David makes us Labor). Thank you sweet friends for making some fun memories with us! Hope you had a marvelous holiday too!!! Love, JS


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

We don't know each other IRL but we may have mutual bloggie friends in the bloggie world :)

I'm so pleased to make your aquaintance!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I wish I had seen Ellie make her strike and her victory stance! Christie

Anonymous said...

HA! I felt like I labored for 12 hours that day :-) Just kidding! It was fun, easy, laid back, and just plain laborless. We enjoyed ourselves. I was especially blessed with a "stay in your PJ'S till 1pm the next day" which I never ever do, but really enjoyed. I was able to finish my 2 chapters for small group. By the way-Ellie was too much, I still laugh as I think about her bowling a strike and her little celebration! Looking forward to chillin again....whens the next holiday?????
Love ya-Valarie