Sunday, September 21, 2008

So boring...

My life is not this boring...but my blog sure is. Sorry to you folks who wait with baited breath for my most intimate thoughts to be revealed here...just haven't had the time. I can't seem to find a scheduled time to blog my life. Go figure. I am loving the Precept course I am taking on the book of Joshua. I really love it. Makes me feel like a student again except that I am studying something I really care about. David has been traveling a lot lately and brought back I heart NY tshirts for all the kids yesterday. We also celebrated his birthday when he got home. We bought him WiiFit. Sorta a family gift for his birthday, but it was something that I knew would be good for him too. It is fun and I must say that the kids couldn't wait for him to open his gifts! The kids did a great job on the musical at church last week. I want to put some video on here of Davie singing her solo and dancing along. She was just too cute. Maybe I can get Matt to help me with that. Speaking of Matt, he is doing well and seems to have had a spiritual revival in his life. It is such fun to listen to him talk. Does this momma's heart good. Now if he can just become gainfully employed I think he can stay. Just joking. I wouldn't give my boy/man up for anything. Having a bit of extended family drama that has been a bit of a struggle, but God is going to get me through it. Just want to honor Him in everything...even the hard stuff. I love me some........don't I? (that means in dot dot dot lest you think I was being suggestive which would be completely inappropriate and not to mention slightly vulgar, but when I read that sentence I must confess that my mind realized it needed some sort of explanation) Well, it's Sunday morning and sweet Ellie has a fever of 104.1 so we didn't make it to church. It is the funniest thing, she will show no symptoms of anything and just get a high fever. Weird. That's how it was last night. After David bathed her I realized she felt a little hot and then at dinner she wouldn't eat, but just sat there with my left hand pressed to her forehead. You know that precious time when they don't feel well, just before they get really whiny and they are just snugly...that was last night, but the whiny has come this morning, so I must go. Love to you all. I will try to be more interesting and prompt next post. Jackie Sue


Kelly said...

My 3 are all sick too. Thus I am home from church as well!! Try and have a good day!! I am telling my kids to "take a number!!" :o)

Jaime said...

Sweet Jackie, I just love your blog! You are so real!

Thanks for keeping us updated!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Friend!
Hoping Ellie-Sunshine is up and running again today.
I'll be praying for ya'll
let me know
and lets do breakfast ASAP

amanda said...

You are sooooooo boring - c'mon and spice up your blog - you need to keep people like ME interested.

love amanda

Kate said...

Certainly not boring! Life sometimes gets so hectic there are no words for it. I hope all is well now.

Many blessings,