Monday, December 8, 2008

You could win!

Check this could win and help our friends out too!


Kelly said...

I love the festive blog layout!! I saw David and Matt downtown friday night, but was too busy navigating my SUV (stroller ) throught the shoulder to shoulder crowd to get over to them to say hi!! Hope you are well!!

dogowner said...

Hi Jackie,

It was really nice of you to set up a link to Dorothy's site, we copied your idea and also added a link on our blog. We did want to let you know that you can come to Wisconsin to visit the basket anytime you would like, because we are confident Dora will win it. :)

Of course if it does come to our house, I will have a problem not finding proper closet space for it. Julie loves those baskets, I just think they are another dust and dog hair collector.

Hope you are all doing well, posted some snow pictures of the "adorable" :)

Miss you, love to you all
Julie and Dora say Hi as well.