Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Tagged

Sweet Kelly tagged me to give you people 15 things I'm not afraid to admit....so here goes...

1. I'm 47 years old(that's for Amanda)

2. I love to study the Bible.

3. I would adopt more kids if I could.

4. Lots of times I cry over the kindness done to others(just today they sent cakes to the soldiers on The View and I started to cry)

5. I hate to exercise...probably not a secret.

6. I am learning to save money with coupons...thanks to the coupon queens at our church(they know who they are)

7. I am crazy in love with David Eddie Lopez Chuck Wimberly.

8. I am a sinner saved by my gracious Savior and I hope I never forget it!

9. I have 5 kids that challenge me to change and become more like Jesus in my attitudes and actions on a daily basis.

10. LOVE LOVE LOVE a good country song. I will so be watching the awards on Wed night(cause our frugal women's group isn't meeting)!

11. Sometimes my kids embarrass me...oh wait, I mean sometimes I embarrass my kids.

12. I am crazy about nature. I'll talk birds and butterflies all day(right Kelly?)I actually grew four caterpillars into butterflies in the last two weeks. Let my last one go on Sunday...it was a proud moment as the little guy flew into the sky. I've seen him/her in my backyard even today!

13. I love the women in my Sunday night small group. They have totally kept me sane these last couple of years.

14. One of the most interesting ministries God has given me in the past is my foot massage ministry. I have given my pastor a foot massage on more than one occasion...Christie was there too...actually I should have said, I have given my pastor, his wife, and her sister foot massages...I think all on the same night. I've also given one to an elder, his wife, and their daughter. (maybe I am embarrassed to admit this...:)

15. I am a voracious reader and love a good story...so here's a funny one about me...on my honeymoon...I got all ready for bed...David changed in the bathroom and I changed in the hotel room and it was just like in the movies....he came out and I was waiting in my white long negligee...we started smooching...laid down on the bed when suddenly David said, "Baby, did you mean to leave the price tags on?" and then we rolled out of the bed laughing hysterically. I had somehow forgotten to take the tags off my nightgown. It was a classic moment and the beginning of a LOT of funny stories to come.

Soooo, that might be more info than you wanted to know...I'm tagging Robyn, Erin and Karin cause these are some funny gals who are also very entertaining writers! Blessings...love, js


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, I love the new layout! Very cute.
I think the nightgown story is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

How fun! That is a good honeymoon story! :) Christie

Anonymous said...

47 - I never would have guessed it - 37 maybe.

love amanda

Pete said...

Lovin #15 ... wish you had told me that story before -.^
and yes, I'm going to bed now and I will be in class in the morning hehe

Pete said...

PS you haven't embarrassed me in ages.
But I suppose I'm still pretty embarrassing, hehe

Jen said...

Very cute!! Love the honeymoon story and the foot massage ministry you have going!!

The Fall layout is so fun...

I miss you and love you... Jen

Jen said...

I would call you right now but it's 9:00 am there and 8:00 am here. I am getting ready to run Andon to school. Maybe I will call you today on my free time? :) Can't wait to talk and catch up!!

Jackie Sue said...

hahahaha to Amanda!!!

Pete, I can't imagine why I haven't told you ALL my HONEYMOON stories...go figure :)

Jen, Can't wait to hear from you!!

Brittani said...

That was so fun to read. You are adorable. Hey, I loved the story about my aunt Barbie that you put on my blog... she has her own blog now, too
bartandbarbie.blogspot.com My mom & I helped set it up for her last night. You should check it out.


I know so much more about you now :-) I, also, cry when someone does something sweet for someone else. All of the time!! Have you seen the Publix Valentine's commerical where the lil' boy has his mother help him make a heart shape cake for his special girl and at the end he gives it to his mother...gets me every time.
Love the honey moon story...too cute!!

Dearest Jessica said...

Great list and great story!

Cute lay out!

Steph said...

ok, you stayed with me for 3 days and I didn't know anything about a "foot massage ministry!!!!" hahaha....I call a do-over!!