Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So glad He is God and I'm not!

Well, today is election day. Has that caused anybody other than me some anxiety? I just keep praying, "Thy will be done". What else can I pray? To pray otherwise would be to assume I know what God is doing in all this and I don't so I surrender to His will and trust He will accomplish all He intends because He always does. No one can thwart the will of the Almighty. For that I am truly thankful.

Today our first chrysalis hatched. It is a Queen butterfly. I kid you not, one minute it was in it's chrysalis and the next minute I looked it was out. No one but God could have thought up a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. No.One. He is so awesome. We have three more to go. They are all Monarch's. They should hatch this weekend I'm thinking. Exciting happenings at our house!

If I had some photos of Sarah in all her bridesmaid beauty I would post them, but I don't. You can check out her facebook and see some though. Oh, I have a facebook now. I had no idea I had so many friends. TONS! Makes a person feel loved....or at least known or something. I'm not really into it yet, but I have checked in a few times. The truth is it is hard to make such dramatic changes at this stage in life. First it was Myspace now it is Facebook. Who can keep up? Scary stuff. Something else that's scary is at this very moment I am listening to Rush Limbaugh on my radio in my kitchen. That's enough to scare anyone. My dad loved Rush! I told you it was scary. We become our parents...its inevitable. What a cruel fate for my children. Then again, the older I get the more I appreciate my parents. Hello. Duh.

God continues to reveal Himself in so many ways. Not just in the nature I am able to observe, but in the people around me and in my time with Him. He has shown me that my fear about the future reveals a lack of trust in Him. He promises to always be with me, that I will be an over comer, that He is greater in me than the one in the world, and that He will in the end take me Home. What do I really have to fear? The truth is that I fear that I won't have the character it takes to withstand the hardships that may be on the horizon in a way that honors Him. I truly don't want to be a wimp about things. I want to finish well and allow God to pursue holiness in me and in my children more than happiness. I guess I fear what it might require of me for that to really happen. I don't naturally posses a lot of strong work ethic. I'm pretty lazy really. A lot. So the idea of extreme hardship frightens me. I am definitely not one of those people who say "bring it on". My prayer is more like, "Oh Lord, You know what a chicken I am. Please give me what it takes to walk through this with You." Anyway, I am holding to the truth that He will get me through anything He allows and all He does is good. I'm just so glad that He is God and I am not! Many blessings. His, Jackie Sue


Pete said...

Yeah, I'm not into hardships either. I mean, I'm ok going without some fun things, but the thought of being in poverty or near it scares me to death. Maybe I should go on welfare ... with the new president in order I think I'd almost be better off that way -_- Oh well. He promised us strength and provision, and He'll give it. I just have to keep telling myself that. Everything will be ok.

And I adore the pictures. Too funny and the butterfly is gorgeous!

P.S. You can right click on my pics and save them on your compy from facebook hehe. Matt can show you lol

Jaime said...

Wow, I'm with you Jackie. I need the Lord to kick me out of this fear that has overcome me since the election. I tend to be a chicken myself.

Lord, give me strength, endurance, and faith...mostly faith!