Monday, November 10, 2008

Top Ten Reasons for Having Babies Later In Life

A friend(actually I can't count the times I've heard this) casually mentioned that she was glad she wasn't raising toddlers at this time in her life and it got me to thinking...drum roll please...

No.10-I still get to buy really cute clothes for my little girls

No.9 They have to wear what I buy

No.8 At least someone still thinks I'm the prettiest woman they know

No.7 At this age its reassuring to have someone around who wants to know what I think

No.6 I have the hope of two possible granny nannies since the first 3 have already declined the job

No.5 I have to confess its nice to be needed by someone who should still need me

No.4 At my age its nice to have someone that trust my driving and NEVER ask me to change my radio station

No.3 I need lots of laughter in my life...makes one younger you know...and they provide tons of that

No.2 Seriously, it keeps me young and does not allow me to become settled in my ways. As we get older that is a real tendency and having little kids keeps me re-evaluating my parenting and household on a regular basis. I am not allowed to just give up.

No.1 Reason for having children at my age....God told me to!!! Ya gotta do what your King asks you to do. Adopting two little girls that had no family was His idea and I am so thankful to be where I am right now. It's not easy, but for our family it is right.

What are you doing right now that folks casually tell you they are glad it's you and not them? I'd love to hear about it! Many many blessings, Jackie Sue

p.s.I sure hope this doesn't sound angry...I'm not offended...the comment just got me to thinking about why I'm glad to be raising girls at my y'all!
p.p.s. This post was in no way meant to "dis" my older kids. They are great kids!!! I just had them when I still knew know, when I was young :)


Valarie Daly said...

I get that occasionally about helping care for my mom. Not that their glad, but they wouldn't want to be in my shoes. My answer back is "Yes, it is hard but it is also an honor and a privilage to care for my mom, she was there for me all the time, when I was sick, sad, happy, and the tough times, why wouldn't I do the same for her?" We are all called to different "stuff", it's whether we are obedient or not when we are called :-)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I have heard once or twice that people can't imagine having kids so close together (don't I know what causes that?) and then, there is the homeschooling comments. It used to really bug me. Not as much anymore. We were just talking about last night that when things don't go exactly the way "we plan", we learn more about how God really IS in control.
I love that "my mom's friend" has kids younger than mine :)

Kelly said...

Love the top 10 list! I'm posting some special pics just for you today on my blog!

Whitney said...

Amen to all of them! They made me chuckle. I realize that I've enjoyed being "new" to somebody in Devin's case. I'm old hat to my older kids. Love it, love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Some people can't understand why I teach middleschoolers. Well I have to admit that sometimes I don't know why either. But most of the time, I realize that they are very interesting human beings and I am privileged to be a small part of their lives.

Dianna M.

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout and love your top ten reasons!! Love the adorable pictures too!! Love, Christie

Brandi said...

LOVE the list and your sweet kiddos (all of them!). I also love your example of obedience when others would have said. . "oh why the work now?" We have ALL been blessed by your girls and your obedience that has spread and influenced many of us who have followed you in adoption.

Let's see. . things others are glad I'm doing and not them. .

adopting a toddler
having 3 little ones
going to Africa
volunteering at church. . .
hmmm. . probably a lot more that they don't say to my face! haha It's all a joy though!! Amen to following your King and the joy that brings.


Julie said...

LOVE this post! It is creative and funny and inspiring! :)

amanda said...

How old are you???? You never mentioned that once. C'mon.

love amanda

Pete said...

Too cute. I'm glad you're not dissing us older kids -.^ hehehe. We love you lots and feel so grateful for all you've done for us, even though we really don't realize how much that is, yet, if we ever do -.^
Love the new layout by the way. Totally you! Miss you lots!
I called you today, but got your voicemail. sad face :( <--see, there it is, right there hehe

Jaciromer said...

How about this one Jack! I had a lady look at me, who had to have brain surgery of some kind, and say, "I would rather be disabled than have 4 kids!" I had to laugh because she was so serious. Much love, Jaci