Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Gotcha Day

This last week we celebrated Davie Anne's "Gotcha" day. She has been with us for 5 years already. It doesn't seem possible. Rather than go on and on about her, which I certainly could do, let me just take a moment to challenge you to watch this video and pray for the children who remain orphans. I want to do more. I am challenged to do more. I receive information about unsponsored children with Compassion and am challenged again with all the needs in this world. God is calling me to do more and I believe He is calling all of us to care at the very care that there are people who don't have the basic necessities of the very least to slow up enough to weep over those who don't pray that He will meet their needs and to be willing to be used by Him to do so. I don't enjoy feeling overwhelmed with all the needs. Sometimes I resent it. I want a check list, not unlike the pharisees, and I want to know when enough is enough...but Jesus calls me to more than that...He calls me to truly care...and then just possibly to act...its a struggle, a tension in the Christian life that I am not always open to, but He isn't gonna give me a check list...He's calling me to care and that requires an open heart and a willing heart and a heart that rests in His abundance. He isn't lacking in anything. I need to care as much as the needy need me to care....I need to be fully alive and fully present and fully feeling their pain...I know that...don't have anything else figured out yet...but I do know that I need them in order to become more like Him. He loves them so. Oh, and you too :) Growing in His love, js
By the way, you can go here to make a donation if you are able and show the kids without blankets that you care. That's one of the places we will be supporting this month.
p.s.thanks Jac for the conversation...your words have impacted me. I'm wrestling and that's a good thing)
p.p.s.thank you sweet Brandi for the opportunity to give to the very province our Davie girl was from...oh what we could have missed...


Brandi said...

Oh I didn't even know that! That just brought tears to my eyes. It brings it so close to home. . .if I can just picture our sweet girl being cold and without a blanket ther is NO WAY I can choose Coke over Water (and a $2 donation) or be lazy and not to a hot chocolate stand of some sort! Let me know if you want to get together for a project!

Love you bunches. . and your sweet precious Gotcha Day Girl. What fun memories!

Jaciromer said...

I just love how u can get all those thoughts down in a way that makes some sense of this life. Yes, tension! I think my head is going to explode!

Kay Bratt said...

Great Post. I wish all AP blogs would participate in helping to get all the kids sponsored!

Anonymous said...

First of all I love your new fun for Christmas! Also, I can't believe it has already been five years since your gotcha day with Davie! It makes me cry just writing it! I just love Davie and I am so glad she is a part of our lives. She is definitely who God used to give me a hearts desire to adopt and to show me that I could love a child I had never "met" before. I thought I could, but she brought that to life for me! I don't know if that makes sense or not? Anyway, congratulations on sweet Davie being a part of your family for five years! I love you and have loved going through your adoption processes with you these last several years! Christie

Pete said...

You Es-cah-paid! It's kind of like escape ... lol
Hehe hope everything is well with you guys at home. Love you and miss you lots and can't wait to see you! Just a little more than a week! AAAH! Crazy! I can't really believe that it's happening. Can you????
I'm praying for a job for Matt ... and one for me, too. lol.
I checked out the link you had in your blog and sent some money. I hope it helps :)
Love the Christmas look! Yay for Christmas!!!

Pete said...

I just realized I commented on the wrong post ... I meant to comment on the next to recent one ... where you had run away to starbucks. Then the escaped joke made sense ... kind of ... darn these tricksy little buttons lol.