Monday, July 25, 2011

I Want to See God

I had a horrible headache last night and so I missed a day of posting and actually didn't even finish my chapter of reading. I have figured out something about this book. As far as I'm concerned this book needs to be read a chapter at a time in one sitting. Because Voskamp writes in such a poetic style if I put it down in the middle of a chapter and then try to come back to it, it just doesn't work for me. That's all I have to say about that.

This evening after a full day at the Blank Park Zoo I am yawning and having a hard time putting two thoughts together. Iowa is unbelievably hot this visit and the heat- it does wear me out. I did enjoy this chapter though. It addresses exactly what we want from God. I like this from the book, "how I want to see the weight of glory break my thick scales, the weight of glory smash the chains of desperate materialism, split the numbing shell of deadening entertainment, bust up the ice of catatonic hearts. I want to see God...." I love the way she is able to identify exactly what she wants God to do in her and for her...that she might see Him and worship. Our hearts long to worship something...I want mine to worship Him. The way to experience Him is to see Him all around me all the time....euchristeo.

Oh Lord, give me eyes to see You all around me so that praise and gratitude might flow from my lips all day long because You have awakened my heart to the truth that You are all around me if am willing to truly see. Give me an undivided heart, Lord. Make me fully Thine. I cry holy holy holy is the Lord. The One who is and is to come. I love and worship You.

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Sarah Pete said...

I've loved reading your posts about this book--it's very much like what we've been discussing in small group and then in teacher group, that if you really and truly believe God and his promises, the way we live our lives would be changed.
Praying for you and love you lots. Can't wait to see you when you get back.

Rest up and relax, enjoy :] Love you!