Sunday, March 11, 2007

Father Daughter Valentines Dance and travel changes

This is the photo of Catherine Jo, Davie Anne and their sweet daddy at the Valentines Dance they attended at Family Christian School. Poor David, he doesn't even like to dance. According to him all Davie Anne likes to do is be swung around all over the place and Catherine hung out with her friends. Anyway, I love this photo because Davie is at the stage where a smile is just showing her teeth...too funny. Catherine sure is growing up. Just wanted to share this.

Travel changes are happening with AWAA. I am trying to adjust and let God be God as He allows all these changes. AWAA has split up our travel group into two groups, now leaving at separate times. The group going to Jiangxi, this includes us, are still scheduled to leave on the 29th of March. The other part of our group, the group who's daughters are in Guangdong, are now scheduled to leave on the 5th of April. The sad part is that those folks have become so dear to me that I want to travel with them and be with them as much as possible. Now we will not do the Beijing or Guangzhou portions of our trip together. As it stands right now we may only see them a day in Guangzhou, at the beginning of their trip and the very end of ours. Our big group has bonded and so this is hard for most of us. I will not question God though, I want to remember who He is and rest in His goodness. He has a plan and my resolve to be submissive to Him is going to be put to the test again and again I'm afraid. This time I will trust Him and maybe stay one extra day in Guangzhou to be with my friends :)

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Steph said...

I'm so sad about it too, but there's a divine reason. Besides, if you met me in person, you might not like me as much as you think! LOL. I do hope you can stay an extra day. We've made so many plans!