Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Girls' Room and Packing

Well, it is time for me to get serious about packing. I had the girls all packed but then remembered to weigh the suitcase. Oh my! It can only weigh 44lbs. for our travel in China and thier bag weighed 55lbs! So, I had to start over. The good news is that David just bought me a new bag so I started over today. I packed everything for Eliana in the one new large bag. That is great, unless they lose our luggage...then I will have NOTHING for the baby at all. Oh well, that is always the risk with traveling by airline. Davie and I will share a bag. I packed for her today and still have 20lbs. for me. We should be ok. I told David that I want to have our clothes all packed by this weekend so that I can work on leaving the house clean and helping Matt and Catherine pack. Oh well. I finally took some photos of Davie and Eliana's room. It looks ready for Ellie and Davie seems excited with the progress we've made. She is in for a rude awakening though. The other day Catherine was trying on some clothes in a dressing room at the store. Davie was there too, but not trying on clothes. She was less than thrilled that Catherine was getting all the attention and so she went into the other dressing room and came out to show me her new outfits. The thing was, she was pretending. She posed and I oooed and awed at her sparkling bathingsuits and fancy dresses even though she hadn't changed clothes at all. It was then for sure that I knew she is gonna have a hard time sharing the limelight. Catherine's just said in her ever so cheerful way, "Just wait, Davie, when you came no one even spoke to me anymore". Big sisters and their wisdom. Just 9 more days until we are on the plane and 13 days until Ellie is in our arms! God Bless!

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