Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas PJs

Christmas Pajamas

So, every year we do Christmas pjs. This year there was a problem. We open them on Christmas Eve and then the little girls wear theirs to church. On Christmas Eve night, right before we were to open them I realized that I forgot, did you see that, I FORGOT to buy Matt's pajamas. Not in 17 years had I ever forgotten Matt. Not ever. The only thing is that I bought for 4 kids, the same amount of kids I had last year...I must have thought I had enough. I can't be expected to remember details you know. Not like names, or say, my only son...oh well, it just gives Matt something to harass me about for like the rest of my life. He'll probably have to get some sorta major counseling over this one, but hey, did you see how cute the little girls looked? :)


Caitie said...

LOL! Your girls are just adorabl!!! I just found your blog through...someone elses blog (can't remember who's). My parents are in China right now with my little MeiMei, Sarah!!!


Brandi said...

Too funny! I bet Matt just hated not getting matching PJ's with the other kiddos too! ha ha!

Hope it went well today sending Sarah off. I can't wait to hear of her adventures!


Brandi said...

Um, did you forget Sarah and Catherine too? You do know there are only 2 girls in those pics, right?!