Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Recent Reads

I love to read. Not really a little known fact about me. I am always reading something. Often it is just fluff and fun, mindless entertainment for the joy of a well told story, but usually I have something else going on at the same time. I just finished Denise Hildreth's "The Will of Wisteria" and found it captivating. She and Charles Martin and my new favorite authors. Anything by them is both entertaining, thought provoking and southern...what more could a southern gal ask for??? I am also reading "When I Lay My Isaac Down" by Carol Kent. This is our small group's study for now at church. What a remarkable experience she shares. I haven't finished it yet, but can recommend it because of those who recommended it to me. I am also doing a 90 day journal by Beth Moore called "90 Days with The One and Only" for my quiet time devotional. I really like it. There is journaling involved, but not the typical kind. Don't be scared...give it a try :) Of course I have a fluff, good story book going on at the same time by Michael Phillips. Easy easy read. It is part of a series about blacks and whites during the Cival War and the reconstruction period. It is an easy read and a sweet story. The characters have character which I love and their comittment to doing what's right always challenges me, no matter how predictable(that is for Sarah). I have always enjoyed people and their stories and that is why I read....like a fiend I might add. Have a great day. Happy reading! love, js
p.s. If anyone can tell me how to add links into my blogs it would update my poor little writings ever so much. To be able to send you to my favorite authors would be so much better than just giving you their names, but I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT...I probably shouldn't even use a computer. :-P
P.S.S. Thanks so much to Sarah Miller for helping me to link my authors :)

Oh...I can't believe I forgot to tell you all about my Christmas present of a garden fence with Passion Vines all over it...we got everything in the ground yesterday and it looks lovely. Also I was able to travel all the way across town and get a new bird feeder and pole that my precious husband put up with me last night IN THE DARK. Aren't ya'll happy for me?


Sara at Miller Moments said...

when you're compiling a post in blogger - there is a little green "chain-link" type icon up where you can bold and italic. Just click on that after you've highlighted a certain word. Like, you could type Miller Moments - highlight it, then click the green chain icon and a window pops up where you can type in the full url for my website. Then, you should have your settings so that links will show up in your paragraph as a different color.

Hope this helps, Jackie! I went and bought "It's All about Him" because of you! When life settles down a bit (ha!) I can't wait to get into it!

Have a sweet day!

Brandi said...

I see Sara already answered you! Call me as you're doing it if you ever need help!

You know how I love reading your reading lists! Love you,


Eileen said...

I love to read too! (I think you know.) I usually only read one book at a time but right now I have 4 going on at once.

Did you ever read the Secret of the Rose series by Michael Phillips? It's been quite a few years since I've read them and my tastes have changed some since then, but I LOVED that series. How about the Yada Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson? I really like those. Well I could list a zillion books I love. :-)

HAve a great day Jackie! What do you think about doing another group chat with the SepDTC group? Would you be interested? I've been thinking of asking the group. My fingers are itching to type "They've killed Kenny!" or whatever that was. Such good memories. So long ago already! I miss those days, but so happy to be home with my girls of course. Let me know about chatting - I can't do Tuesday nights any more because Lindsey has Awana but any other night of the week usually works.

Ooops didn't mean to write a book in your comments. Email me or comment in my blog sometime!

P.S. Have you been watching Al?

Brandi said...

ooooh, look at all those links!! Great job!

Love ya,

Nicole said...

Hi there! Fellow "siesta" here from the LPM Blog. Just wanted you to know I really appreciated your comment, and I wanted you to know that, as a "younger" (I'm 28 now, might be stretching it...) women who came to know the Lord in my college years and does not have a Christian mother, "older"(I use that term loosely) women in the church that have been wiling to be my "dr. ruth" and Titus women have been indispensable in my walk with the Lord and in keeping my marriage together. So thanks for being that Titus woman in your church; you are creating a legacy you probably won't funny understand this side of heave. :)



Anonymous said...

Oh I just read your post about Davie. Wow. It makes me wonder how it will be when my daughter reaches her age in just a short few years. I wonder if you had all the girls over to your house for a play date and they could see her home they etc. Maybe you would get a chance to chat with some of the moms and clue them in, so they can help their children process different families and not everyone is the same race anywhere? I do not know, but my heart is heavy for you and her.
I am a an avid reader also. I love Beth Moore, and saw the author of Now I lay My Isaac Down at Women of Faith, I think she had me in the "ugly cry" by thend of it. Heart wrenching!