Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Christmas from us than you will want to see :)

Christmas with the kids

Well, if you have time you can look at these many photos and just about experience Christmas with us...every single bit of it. Not really, there are TONS of photos I didn't post ;-) p.s. S left for L today and I didn't even cry, but I did feel like it after we had to get her bags down to 50lbs....we had to make several adjustments at the last minute...pretty stressful moments AND her room is a mess, but in her defense, she did change the sheets on the bed before she left. 12 weeks without anyone in that room ought to give me time for some serious scrapbooking...yeah right.


Brandi said...

Um, first of all, did we just get 2 posts in one day??? You are really making up for lost time! Thanks! I love your pics! Too cute! Your girls are just gorgeous!


Lydia said...


I sure enjoyed looking at all your wonderful pictures! Now I feel like I got to spend Christmas with your family. Sometimes, I look at pictures of Ellie, and I have to take a double-take because she reminds me of Anna Claire! I know, we BOTH have beautiful daughters!!!

Love ya!

Steph said...

I love all the pictures!! And that bird feedeer looks really familiar. Did you lift it off of Leslie?? I miss you so much. I know your group is so looking forward to your July reunion. I am too, cuz you know I'm crashin'!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

So, how is Sarah doing? Or, how are YOU doing?

Pete said...

HEY MOM!!!!!
I miss you all like mad!!! Seriously. Everything here is AMAZING though. It's everything I dreamt of and more so thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me go. Oh, a little note for you and MIss Leslie--you HAVE to see Mama Mia if it is still playing while you're here. It's tooooo cute. It's a story done completely to music by Abba. Anywho ... I'm doing really well, and having a ball ...except that the hotel can't get its internet working so I'm stuck at this internet cafe with a crappy keyboard where, for some reason, it won't let me post facebook comments. gaaaahhh. I will email |(my email doesnt work on this thing either) and skype you as soon as I have wireless at the hotel, tho. It should be any day now ..... I have oooooodles of pictures that I'll be posting using Picassa or something. I can't wait to blog. It's been quite the experience in only a week ... it feels like I"ve been here for ages. So ... how is everything at home? tell everyone I said hullo and I love them and miss them like crazy. I'm having a good time and studying and taking pictures and working very hard not to spend a lot of money. I love love love love love love you!!!!