Saturday, February 3, 2007

Big Sister

Just wanted to document two conversations with Davie about Eliana. The first was in the car. I was talking to some one on the phone and I was saying that Ellie needed a bow in her hair and a cute outfit on and she just needs her momma. In the backseat of the van Davie pipes up and says "and her big sister". The other was told to me by another mom who is very pregnant (Jaime) and she and her daughter Annalise were in the nursery talking to Davie and Davie told Annalise that they were both going to be big sisters. An older girl in the nursery said "what, a big sister? What do you mean?" Davie said something like, "We have to go get my little sister from China. I'm from China!" Too cute, huh? She gets it I think...a little bit anyway. She is very very excited as are all the kids. Catherine just can't wait. Matt says he is even more excited than with Davie b/c he really understands it now and all that it means. So sweet. Sarah works on all my blog photos and myspace photos and my music and everything. So precious...and my dear husband, well, he is shopping for the perfect "bag"(suitcase) for our trip. The guy is excited...what can I say? :)

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Pete said...

aaaw, the convos with Davie are just tooo cute! love em! and, yes, you know that Dad is majorly excited when bags get involved -.^ heehee. Any final decisions on taking kids or not? I'll try to give you some instructions for posting pics via email before you go. And do get me grandma's phone number as soon as you can. Love you!