Saturday, February 3, 2007

A little peanut

Well, I have been researching Ellie's size on some growth charts both Chinese and American and what I have discovered is that we have a little peanut!!! Davie was taller by 3cm, which makes a big difference, at 4 mos. than Ellie at 6mos. Davie also weighed a fair amount more than Ellie when she was measured at 4 months, while Ellie was measured at 6 months. Of course I am doing all this research to figure out what size clothes she needs :) ! I pulled out clothes from Davie and she mostly wore 12-18mos size at 9 mos when we got her. I don't have very many clothes in the 6-12mo. I am wondering if I need to find some??? What do you think? Well, I am off to go make copies of her pictures and to enjoy a pedicure for this tired waiting momma :)
P.S. On the down side of things, David's dad is not doing well. Please pray that he does not suffer, but that in God's perfect time he goes home to His Heavenly Father.

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Jess said...

Jackie....I have some 6-12 month clothes I will set aside for you!
I am so excited for you!