Friday, February 9, 2007

joy and sorrow

Well, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we will be heading to China to get Eliana Joy Lin in the not too distant future. After the long wait, it just doesn't seem possible that we will actually be going, but I know we will. We have been dealing with a lot around here in the past week. We received news of Eliana on Thursday, last week, and at the same time David's dad had been put in the hospital. On Wed. his family made the decision to not take dad back home and so yesterday he was transferred to a hospice facility. Talk about tough....! To be so excited about gaining a family member, and so sad about losing one at the same time has thrown my emotions for a loop. In the midst of all of it God sweetly reveals Himself to me and His closeness is precious. I could not endure all that life throws at us were it not for Him. This journey is full of mountains and valleys...I'm not sure I have ever experienced them both at one time before. Still, Ellie's arrival at this particular time confirms again that life goes on and the hope for her future is God's heart as a daddy. And dad's departure from this world to the next is His Father's good gift. His reward awaits him and none of us want him here a minute longer than God wills. He has been a faithful father to the best of his ability and we have been blessed by his presence in our lives. His quiet ways will be missed. I'm so thankful that we will still have his prayers for us, just from a heavenly realm when that time comes. So, still with all that is going on here we must prepare to go get our little Eliana Joy. My heart becomes glad, just at the thought of it. I am putting together her care package and hope to send it by Monday. I have bought a few 6-12mo size clothes and that was fun. I'm going to lay everything out on Sarah's bed and get organized and begin packing the suitcase...see, there is much to do and lots to rejoice over. Being with Dad during these days has been precious....being with Ellie in the future will be must go on and I am so thankful that I don't have to wonder Who is in control or question His goodness. My God is good all the time, all that He does is right and my hope is forever in Him.


Steph said...

Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law. I know he will be sorely missed in your family. I'm thankful for your godly attitude about it all, and I know you are a source of strength to those around you. Cherish the time you have left with him, and know your friends are lifting your family up in prayer. Run into the Strong Tower, and rest in His Peace. Love you girl.

Anonymous said...

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