Friday, February 2, 2007

Referral calls and Fed ex

So, I want to record the whole day yesterday, but if it bores you, just skip this ;) I got up early, immediately got on the computer only to find my California travel buddy, Barb, on the computer at 4am her time. So we chatted and shared a cyber cup of coffee together and waited and waited to see if we made the cut this time or not. Still no news on the cut off date and by 9am she had to go get her boys up for school and I had to go get ready to go to lunch with David. Then referral announcements started coming in for the U.S. but still no firm cut off date. It looked like the 11th was going to be it, and we were the 12th so we didn't think we were in at all. Then about 10:30 my time someone with a 10/12 LID posted that they had gotten "the call" from their agency and so we knew we were in!!!! Barb and I were chatting again by this we were yelling over the computers and getting more and more nervous by the minute. Well, I had asked David if he could do lunch with me as a distraction because I did not want to sit in front of the computer all day long....that is not fun, btdt. I made myself leave the house and go to get him for lunch. On the way I couldn't stand it so I called Barb to see what was happening b/c I figured she was still in front of her computer. Well, she wasn't. My call got her out of the shower and of course she answered her phone, b/c it could have been "the call". We laughed hysterically and then I said call me if anything happens. I picked David up and he and I went to Panera Bread for lunch. My sweet husband brought his computer inside so I could check everything that was going on...I was glued to the screen almost our whole lunch. Matt called my cell phone twice and I nearly died thinking it was "the call". All through lunch still no call. As we were leaving the restuarant Barb called and said that Naomi, another family with us just posted on our group website that they were referred a set of twins!!! Ok, now we were screaming! Well, not David of course, but Barb and me. We hung up and then I dropped David off at the car place and went on my way. Still no call. So I called Barb back....I couldn't help it. She was my connection to the adoption world at that point and while we were on her cell phone her house phone rang and it was "the call"! She screamed and hung up and said she would call me back. So I head to Chamberlins to pick up something for David. Now, I am not known for my patience(ahem) and so I waited as long as I could, probably 20 minutes and then called her back...too soon, go figure. She said she would call me I waited I am dying...waiting for my "call" and nervous, to the point of nauciousness. Ok, so I called her again...sorry Barb, and finally she could give me her info and update me on the others in our group. This time while we were talking I got "the call". I answered the phone, breathless with anticipation and I get this calm, straight, business like voice telling me that she is from AWAA and calling for my family coordinator, Allison, and she had some questions for me. This is not what I expected at all! Thoughts of being "skipped" are running through my brain. I can't breathe, but I try to answer her question about our I171H form that had already been sent to Allison. Still paralyzed with fear. She talks some more and then very calmly says, "oh, and AWAA received their referrals today and you have a daughter." As calm as can be I tell she was telling me I had a dentist appointment. I SCREAMED right into the phone. I couldn't believe it. Then she began to tell me our information about our little punkin head. I was on cloud 9 to say the least. So I drive home and get on the computer AGAIN. Reading and posting like a maniac! Last night my travel group all got online for our scheduled chat and almost everyone was on. It was sooo fun. All of us sharing all about our a crowded delivery room.

So this morning David stayed home to get the referral package with me from the Fedex man, but due to the storms here last night the man has yet to come. So I'm still waiting....hoping he will get here before tonight. That is where the pictures are...the important stuff you know :) We are posting the only small photo that we enjoy our little beauty. We are so blessed. God has done so much more than we could even hope or imagine. Still walking on air!!!!
Our baby girl!!! Eliana Joy Lin!


christie said...

Oh she is so cute and sweet! I can't wait to kiss her chubby cheeks either! I am so excited for you all and marvel at how good God is! I never doubted you would be at this point, but am so glad that the initial waiting is over for you and now you can focus on nesting and preparing for your trip - what fun!! I love you!

Jess said...

Jackie.....I AM SO EXCITED for you guys! She is so sweet. I can't wait to hear more and see pictures of her! Congrats! I am so glad that through all this wait you can now have peace! She is coming Home!

Steph said...

Jackie, she is so precious, and smart! Already driving. Wow. Mine isn't even sitting up yet, and she's 15 months old!! haha. I can't wait. Does it seem real yet? Have you cried all day long? I was stuck in front of the window waiting for the fed ex guy all day too. Then we went to send in the paperwork and just got home about 2 hours ago. I've missed talking to you today. I'll try to see if you're online in a minute. 6-9 weeks will go by fast, right?