Monday, February 19, 2007

care packages

Care packages....packages filled with care. Boxes filled with bits of things to show the receiver that they are cared for. Well, tomorrow I am finally going to send Eliana's care package to her. I say finally because getting a letter translated and printed into Chinese has been quite a feat. Getting the photographs and the translations for the photographs for her baby photo album was also difficult. Actually, nothing about this package has been easy, but now it is packed and ready to go tomorrow, because today is president's day. My prayer is that Eliana's orphanage director will receive this package, forward it to her foster family, that they will enjoy its contents and that they will begin to communicate to our little one about us and begin to believe that she is going to be well taken care of. Enclosed in the package is a letter thanking those who have taken care of Ellie and pledging our commitment to her. We also sent two disposable cameras hoping that they will take pictures of her in her home now and then give them to us when we get her. A care package of this magnitude can't really be delivered by the USPS, but we try to send our love and care knowing that the only time to really begin to live our love is when they place Eliana Joy Lin Wimberly in our arms. C'mon travel approval!!!!

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Pete said...

EGADS!! You used our family last name!! now we will be stalked and worse . . . -sigh- and you had told me to be so cautious ... heehee

Praying for the travel approval, too! Yay for care packages and new little sisters!!!!