Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Agency Emails

Our agency sends out these emails to all the folks that are receiving referrals within the next three months, and today we received ours. Form letter or! I am excited! I gave them all our contact information just to make sure everything was in place. It is becoming real....after all these months, it may really happen soon!


Pete said...


Jessie's parents said...

Hi Jackie!

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and the rest of group232. I know it has been such a long wait for you guys. I just cannot even begin to imagine. Thank you for commenting on Jessie's blog! I was so pleasantly surprised to see that today. I think of you often and I still hope that we will get to meet one day. There is just something about you that makes me think we could be great friends. I still wonder what it would have been like to actually have traveled with a group, but that wasn't God's plan for us. I've got your blog site bookmarked, so I'll be checking regularly! BTW, you have a gorgeous family -- can't wait to see your newest member.