Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Rumor Rollercoaster

Well, today we have new rumors...up we go on this roller coaster of rumors....last week we were not getting a referral...this week we are in this my brilliant husband said "one of these rumors is true". No matter how hard I try to not get on this e-ticket ride (disney always had the best rides on the e tickets...I know this dates me), I climb aboard and dream of what it will be like to receive "the call". I climb on the coaster and off...I cannot stay off the ride...I just can't. I am surrendered though to accept whatever God has for me...whether it be this month or the next. At least we are at the point that we know for sure that if it is not this time, then it will definitely be next time and that is a comfort. Of course I am hoping that it will be this time next week that I can hear something, but if not, I will survive and wait one more month....and I will ride the coaster again and again until we receive our referral. Unless you are on the ride with me, this will make absolutely no sense...but if you are on this sure is a doozy isn't it gang??? :) So thankful for my fellow roller coaster addicts...we are sure in this together :)!


Nesting For Natalie said...


You are NOT on this ride alone!! BTW I love Third Day!! Your site is beautiful!


Don & Judy said...

Hey Jackie! I dislike roller coaster rides! Just ask my dh. When we lived in Florida, and spent the day at Disney World, he'd take 45 min's in line..trying to convince me to go on Space Mountain! He succeeded, but what a ride! This roller coaster is scary as well, but at the end of this ride, we will be "thrilled" to finally have our dd's in our arms!
God Bless!
Judy & Don
*waiting for Marlee!