Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chinese New Year

Tonight Davie Anne and I went to the FCC Chinese New Year celebration at Ming Court. It was a lot of fun. She really enjoyed it! There was a dragon dance and indoor fire works that consited of a whole bunch of kids jumping on bubble wrap. It was ingenious! After that we went to Bath and Body Works to purchase our "nanny" gifts for China, since their end of the year sale ends tomorrow. It was very exciting to do something for our upcoming trip. Everytime I do anything proactive for our trip it is an act of faith. In some ways I do really believe that God is going to do this, then there is the other side of my emotions that is scared to death that it will never really to buy stuff for the nanny is just another act of faith in a God who truly does answer.


Jessie's parents said...

Keep believin' IS going to happen!

Steph said...

Jackie, how did you get the j tunes on your blog? I can't get it onto mine!! I want "Diverse City" to play when people open my blog. After we are a "freak show" and we'll be leaving the ground very soon. See you in cyberspace.