Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Past Posts . . .

Well, long time no blog ;) We are just returning from our family vacation in Boone, NC where we had a delightful time. Referrals came this week and by the forecast calculations we have a very good possibility of being next. While out to dinner with David at a Japanese restuarant we each received fortune cookies and I wanted to record what mine said: "you will have success at any calling you adopt". To the unsuspecting eye that would not mean much. But, for such a long time I have referred to our adopting at such a late stage in life as a "calling" and for a fortune to use a word like "adopt" did catch our attention. I am not sure that God sends us messages in fortune cookies, but i took this as a personal encouragement from my very intimate God. I certainly hope to be posting a referral and picture of our daughter very soon.

Just wanted to post something that happened tonight....while cleaning the kitchen I was listening to a new cd by Watermark that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Now, I 've listened to this cd many times since I bought it, but for the first time I heard the bonus track which happens to be a song about her daughter who happens to be named "Eliana"! It is a precious song and says "Eliana, God has answered my prayers...God will conquer my fears". What is so amazing about the timing of God is that His nearness still surprises me. When I least expect it, He shows up and it is so obviously Him. When I started listening to this song I thought she said "Eliana", but I couldn't tell for sure and then I went to find the cover and try to read the lyrics...well, it is not
on there, not even a title for this track. As I read the cover of the cd and the artists thanks, it was there that I found out for sure that she was singing to her daughter, Eliana. She obviously chose the name for the same reason we did, because it means "the Lord answers". What a fun way for my God to tell me that He knows what is going on with the increasing wait and that my pain is known by Him. He is the God who awesome is He! Just makes me weep....i think i really am His favorite :).

Just signed up for this...just for fun in preparation for China and Eliana Joy. Just want to see if this works...Jackie


jacicromer said...

Ok, I can't believe this about the fortune cookie. That happened to me at PF Chang's 2 years ago. I was sitting with some girls and they started passing out fortune cookies and I said you know these go against everything we believe as Christians. Well sure enough I opened mine and about fell out of my chair. It said "You will have success in whatever you adopt!" In the world of adoption and it's ups and downs I'll take any encouragement God wants to give me, fortune cookie or not! Love ya Jack, Jac

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