Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Adoption is Official!

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Pete said...

Hey mom, it's me . .. this stupid thing won't let me sign in, so I'm giving you a head's up now that this is not an internet stalker, the CIA or anything else, tis I, your sleep-deprived first born. I tell you what, the play just stole all of my energy and adreneline and ran off with it . . . ran far far faaaaaaar away . . . -gazes mournfully into the distance where sleep and energy have gone- -sigh- ANYWHO . . . enough about me, let's talk about you ^-^ Lovely new pictures--just too cute! I'm glad you guys are adjusting well, and that Eliana is warming up to you. She sounds a wee bit like Catherine when she was little, heehee. So, you're home in 15 days. WHOOOOOT!!! Can't wait to see you in May! Love you and miss you guys soooo much!

P.S. What airlines did you say we have frequent flier miles for? I was trying to research for my trip to london and couldn't remember which two airlines you had told me to look for. Love you!